Friday, July 9, 2010

comment to post - cuz i can't shut UP

hi peeps -- thanks -- i so wanted to do that - i was just too pissed off . all freakin day. i don't have enough body parts to count the number of times that i have been stolen from. the thought of that - and the damn feelings that come with it overtook me the entire day yesterday. i really could have caused some trouble -- probably for my own self -- if i would have called anyone about this only would make myself look bad.

yeh, the police is a good idea.

the bank? maybe even better.

i can't close my account - i've had that account for years, and i have too many automatic payments come out of it. i'd screw myself if i closed it - over 40 bucks.

so. as of now? i'm just tryin not to get overly pissed. which yeh i know- i already am. this is like the straw breaking the camels back. i have literally been stolen from my entire life. everything from a pack of cigs out of my car- to an entire vehicle - to my most recent jewelry theft by my movers -- now this. i'm just angry. and i know the best thing to do is keep MY mouth shut.

at this point - the charge is still pending -- so - i reckon until it clears.. i will just wait . and get more angry. i need to find someone else to deal with these people. i'm just a liability. i'll make everything worse.

anyhow-- to change the subject -- i have yet another lovely appointment soon. and yup -- THEY called ME -- again. this one? a six month follow up... thyroid ultra sound. (remember the 'nodules'? ) yeh well, time to see if they've 'changed'.

i'm so sick of this shit.

2 MRI's and an ultrasound , in less than two weeks. it woulda never happened if i wanted it this way. here i am, just cruisin along , wantin to be left alone-- and every other day some damn dr. calls ME. WTF?

anyhow-- i must go. i reckon this will be my post for the day. cuz i cannot shut UP.

happy days to y'all.
i never got a chance to work on the TN video. maybe later. i shall try.

latah peeps-