Thursday, May 8, 2008

we're NOT in kansas anymore

OMG, i am sooo freakin tired i could cry. well, bein tired doesn't make me want to cry it makes me want to sleep (but i can't--yet; not until after a dr. appointment at 2:45, which i have to leave around 2-ish ) but anyhow, the pain i feel does make me want to cry-- but i won't do that.
and the bein a crybaby makes me wanna cry too--- the time that jamie and i had together was just NOT enough. we didn't expect much more than what we ended up with. the original plan was to leave wichita around six a.m. anyhow. we ended up leaving at 4 a.m instead, because she had a meeting to get to. it was ok. it was important that she be there--- for all concerned. but we weren't thrilled about losing the time we had planned on having in the morning.
anyhow--- enough of that.

i mentioned maybe taking some pix last night. welp -- that never happened. in fact, i think even when i mentioned it on my blog-- we both already knew, NO one, was privy to that visual. ugh. it was a very long day for both of us..add flannel jammies, pain, wanting to go to sleep, but trying to stay awake, knowing we were going to be awake at 3-- if not sooner , yet still wanting to squeeze as much talk and laughing into the short time we had--(y'all know our sleeping habits) -- hell, you'd think we were related. but anyhow-- let's just say it like it is-- we looked like shit. so we didn't take any pics. and as for this morning.. there was no need to bother primping, as all we were gonna do would be to chainsmoke in a small area for 6 hours, and get tired and sore in the process, only to arrive home needed to be re-primped anyhow-- to appear at our appointments looking and smelling presentable. so.. to put it lightly-- we only looked a little bit less- shitty in the morning. so-- still no pics. so,

is the best i can do -


ummmmmm.... what else? hmmm. oh... the only pic that i did take while we were out there was one in Towanda -- THIS one :

it may look like a ambiguous building to you... but it is actually a tornado shelter. when me and the soul clan lived there (in that trailer park that you can't really see-- because there is only about twelve of maybe 112 left there. ) .. it was also used as soulkids "daisy scout" troop meeting room, AND a tornado shelter -- that we once had to RUN with soulman carrying her .. during a tornado. a whole bunch of other people went in there too. there were fences, storage sheds, vent pipes from mobile home roofs..all kindsa crap all over the place after the storm was over and everyone came out. we were glad to have the shelter lemmee tell ya. so... that's the one and only photo of this trip to ks from me... well IN ks.
i'm pretty sure jamie has one she might put up-- you'll have ta ask her about that.

now... as for photos elsewhere on the trip? i almost forgot about one.. ok 2...
y'all know about my "thing" with the 333, right? and how several of you, many , more than once, have suggested i play lotto with those numbers, or that number or whatever. right?
well... i stopped in oklahoma --- somewhere -- at a LOVE's .. to pee... cuz i had just finished about a gallon and a half of coffee. as i was paying for a bottle of water .. cuz i was done with coffee, but constantly thirsty... i noticed in the glass cabinet , they had scratch off tickets. normally, i might.. maybe... possibly... may... buy two? three? scratch off tickets in a YEAR. possibly, IF any at all, maybe-- 1 lotto ticket in a YEAR. just not big on the lotto. not a lucky gal ovah heah. BUT... i was lookin at the different "games" they had on these scratch offs, cuz the lady was busy doin somethin and was slow gettin to me... anyhow.. what did i notice on one of them??? 3's ! well holy crap-- you know what went through my head don't you? not only y'alls suggestions that i should play 3's on lotto, but also that i not only seen 333 a few times just on the ks trip, but just this morning shortly after we got up... and i said.. hey jamie, it's 333... and she had noticed too, just didn't say anything. so... what did i do?

first, i did

and then???
i did

can y'all believe that? c'mon.
i was thinkin it would be funny if i won 3 dollars..
to make it 333.
that was pretty cool.
not gonna make a gambler outta me..
but i just may go for the big money next time.. power ball or somethin
or maybe i'll swicth my roulette 13 to a 3.

so anyhow... after i got back in the car with my cash.
i saw my next photo op.
i didn't think a whole lot of this one --
until i got home and read my comments.
at the time.. i thought it would just be a moment to remember.
but when i read JLEE'S comment below..
and she mentioned brad pitt, and thelma and louise -
well i couldn't resist, but to share
THIS shot with y'all.
mainly because , jamie and i have been known to
refer to ourselves as thelma and louise a time or two.
we just haven't quite figured out which one's which yet.

anyhow , as for the brad pitt drifter? ...
he's more of a

"asshat trucker"

i mean
Bassett trucker !

okay guys... i'll get a bit more serious here before i go.

jamie and i met in person for the first time last fall. ('07)
aLOT of you remember that i think.
and some of you were still in diapers. i mean not even around yet. :))

so anyhow --- for those who haven't seen it yet -- here is the first pic of jamie and i , from our first in person meeting.