Wednesday, March 24, 2010

just call me sassy pants soul -- hold the applause please :))

my pal Val, bestowed this award upon me . y'all know i call her Charlotte. always have. just somethin i thought suited her. so, that's how nick-names are born. so yeh. she awarded me this sweet little badge to place on my braggin board, and i will do just that. she also had a very kind sentiment towards me to go along with it. i appreciate her sweet words. (just so ya know C)

the rules that accompany this sweet little award:

yes, this one here. well, up there.
isn't it CUTE?

so-- to move things along here --- the dreaded "rules"

First, you post about your award, advising who gave it to you and create a link back to their blog.

Then you list five things that make you happy.

Last, pass along this award to five bloggers who make you smile.

Five (more) things that make me happy:

1 -fishin -- better yet? catchin a big ole fatass bass :))
2 -bein on and or fishin on the boat
3 - sunshine, sunshine, and more sunshine
4- my VANS with NO socks :)) you know you love my vans - admit it
5 - all of YOU - each one of you has your own place in my heart -- like it or not

my five bloggers who get this award? hmmmmmm.
geesh -- i really hate this part. besides, "C" - Val, already picked 5 and a few of them i woulda picked.

so- i shall go with:

Mary - at Pathways
Erin - at Life Unscripted
Kelly - at The Moohaa
Raine - at Aftermath
Summer - at Slap the Goat

enjoy it folks -- you are in my circle of friends -- and i hope you are happy to be there.

now y'all, really -- ya gotta hold off on the awards. i do love and appreciate them.. but this could go to my head really fast. a virtual hug is just as good. or a mere comment here or there. but i do thank you for the awards .. i can't be spoiled like this tho--

so - to move on for a second - cuz i have to get ready for the HVAC dude to replace our T-stats .

i have to give Donna TX some props on a couple of her photos she posted on her blog a few (couple weeks ago.) they are way too awesome to not share with folks who may not go to her page. they are shots she took during her pre-wedding shoot for her daughters upcoming wedding. and personally , i have never seen anything so -- i don't know. i would have a poster of these made if they were mine-- or for sale. how bout y'all? really-- no favoritism... they are just GOOOOOD !

these were re-posted here with permission from Donna -
please don't take them without asking. ok?

and thanks Donna for lettin me use them.

hope y'all are happy in your worlds today!
me? just a bit senile -- but that's alright :))