Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Here's a Little Sumthin To Keep Ya Cool For A While

i got somethin.. not a fish, not a million dollars... it's a...

it's an award. another badge for my braggin board.
inspirational blogger. hmmm. i really haven't felt very inspirational lately. in fact i have felt rather whiney and bitchy, and cry baby. but, maybe it's just my turn?

i do feel a bit better this morning than i have the last few. so i hope that's a good thing, and i hope that it sticks around a while.

i received the award from josie at picking up pieces .... she's my soul sistah. she's also linked over there --->>>


i am also supposed to pass this award along to five other folks whom i find inspiring... but, well... all my peeps either already have it, or got it given to them before i got the chance this time. so i am gonna have to do some thinking and reading on this one before i can pass it along. and i just don't have time for that right now. i do have a few in mind... i would give it to ROBIN! but i just have a feeling that jamie is gonna give it to her. and well, i won't take that away from her. (jamie i mean) soooo. i will get back to y'all on this one.

until then... it is gonna hit 105 degrees here in about two hours, so i need to get out and do all the things i neglected yesterday, and also it's school registration day. oh i love to fill out twelve repetitive pages of repetitive crap for school EVERY year. no i don't ... i think it's stupid. they know who she is , and who i am, and what more do they need? and why SO many pages with the SAME freakin questions.. name, address, ss, parents... WTH.. ever heard of a damn copy machine???? hmmmm. ok... i won't get crabby. ooohhh crab. i wish i had some more of those crab things. dammn they were good. ahh yes, see? i love food. such a great distractor. i am really surprised i don't weigh 400 pounds!

ok , i bettah go.
i shall return.
have good days