Tuesday, August 5, 2008

two fer tuesday (pt one below)

oh man, i thought u tube might kill me with this one. for some reason it took like two hours to upload and process this thing. ugh. i'm sittin here fallin asleep. and starvin too.
who wants to bring us dinner? :))

anyhow-- i dropped of the river cameras this morning--- i got a phone call about twenty minutes later--- not a single picture was salvageable .... she said all three were full of water inside. needless to say, i was crushed. on the bright side though----- i at least thought far enough ahead to not try to take my good real camera on the tube .. that would really be devastating. so-- as for the river pix? i have none. but i did snag a few from the internet-- just so yall could see what it was like. we didn't have the black tubes, we had the red and blue ones..they were comfier- and had bottoms in em. but boy-- when you dragged yer ass on those big ole rocks-- it hurt anyhow. i didn't hit as many the second time i went :)) but i did hit a few.

anyhow--- here ya go-- pix galore---
i had to take a few out-- and it still runs about 5 pix longer than the music-- sorry.

welp- i'm up and around- sorta

hi peeps--

looks like it's back to the ole grind for this soul gal (sounds like "ole gal" ) feels like it too. :))
it's gonna take a week vacation to recover from the week vacation :))

anyhow-- i made a mistake in my bank yesterday-- and paid the kennel from the wrong one-- of three. will i ever close the extra two? goo-lawd. i've only planned on it for a year. i know ida done it by now if i didn't have to deal with the VA before closing the two i don't want. ugh. anybody wanna be my accountant.
so anyhow-- yup-- need to get to one bank by 9-and the other as fast as i can after that to cover the mistake-- which luckily they paid--so far without an overdraft fee-- hopefully i can get there fast enough that they won't charge me one... i have never bounced a check at that bank. at any bank-- well .. not ever-- but in like ten years or so. anyhow-- gotta go pretty quick. and would you believe the check i did bounce back then -- was for a pack of cigs??? a 30 dollar pack of cigs-- ugh.

what else?
it was nice to wake up (and sleep in for that matter) my very own bed-- and make coffee in my very own , normal sized coffee pot, and sit in my very own soul chair-- and smoke in my very own house... and chat with jamie like i'm used to in the morning-- rather than miss her--like has happened several times this week.

my morning routine sometimes sets the tone for my entire day-- and everything was kinda off while we were away---

but all in all it was good... we stayed very busy and active--- and it was almost stress free for me.. soulkid really worked hard at being good. she had a few complaints, and got homesick early on, but all in all, the arguments were few... and the whole time was overall excellent in my book.
we all had a great time.

but we are all happy to be home. the time we spent away was plenty. next time i think will be one or two days less. it was a bit over the top money wise-- but i really needed to get outta heah for a while.

welp-- i gotta go drop these cameras off, and try to cover my ass at the bank.. i'll be back!

cross your fingers the pix aint ruined... i might cry if they are.