Thursday, December 3, 2009

i'm not mean i just have a house full already

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are awesome!! Site Meter

(damn thing changed while i was typing! it was 30,000 ) hmmmm

(and it KEEPS on changin) ERG.

check that out. wouldn't it be freaky if it was 33,300? i wonder if i'll catch it when it hits that number.
i did notice this morning that one of my credit cards has 333 - and some change on it. yeh don't say it. my credit is kick ass aint it? well.. perhaps it would be better if i didn't have my balances so low all the time. ya think? i do have a fair amount of credit on them (the cards) - it's just that , well.. it's all spent, all the time.
i had a responsible moment a year or two ago and had all our cards paid off-- and even frozen. but -- well... like i said -- it was a 'moment'. bleh. i am my mothers daughter. but-- i am happy that some of my fathers responsibility somehow rubbed off on me. :))

so anyhow--- aside from my number popping up today. i also need to put some kitty pix up. someone please help find a home for these freezin little babies. i won't let em in. i won't i won't i won't.

so - please help the babies.
before i have to take all three of em to the pound.
bad things happen at the pound.

see how sweet they are?

oopsy !
wrong pic.
this was taken the other day at the vet.
i was sittin in the car, talkin to soulman on the phone,
before goin in to pick up some 'Frontline' for the babies.
i looked over and saw this giagantoid dawg.
i busted up laughin out loud !!!
he was the funniest , biggest, greatest dog i have seen in years !
i just had to ask if i could take his picture.
the guy said sure.
it took three tries to get this shot.
--- oh but wait -- there's more to this one. --
i wasn't gonna tell y'all about this , cuz i was a bit embarrassed about it.
i've been guessed at a little over my age before. i just blew it off, figure yeh i know,
i aint the healthiest peach in the basket.
BUT get this.
the guy and hooch up there go in the vet before me, but we're still laughin and talkin a little. there's a lady at the counter payin her bill. soon as people inside see this bear of a dog, they bust up laughin too... and the lady payin her bill, says somethin to me about "Your son"... as in MY son!
after i heard your son-- it was like my head went into a bucket. i didn't really hear anything else.
i just said "noooooo!"
then i looked at him, he's sayin "i have two kids"
we're both a bit shocked- insulted? somethin.
i ask him -- i think both of us were just oblivious to the entire room by now.
i ask him - "how old are you"
he say kinda quiet-surprised- "33"
the lady says- "kids are havin em at twelve"-- sort of apologetic or embarrassed.
there i am--- just stunned -- stunned. ugh. "i'da been TEN."
end of conversation.
everyone finished their business and left.
four or five days later and i still feel ancient.
do i look at all like i could have a THIRTY THREE year old child???
be honest. somebody tell me.
then point me to the nearest cliff.
or concrete boot salesman.
i'm kidding.
well, about the boots.
do i look that old?
not that it's old.
but i'm 43.
for a while.
really- i woulda been TEN.

ok anyways--
the dog was cute-- and no one could not hold their laughter when they looked at him.
he was awesome!

ok-- back to the kitty babies-

they were born here-- and almost died here.
well except the mamma.
don't know where she came from.
but when we looked at the house they lived in the back yard.
we moved in-- with dogs-- so they moved to the front yard.
skin and bone-- literally. they were starving to death.
we've been feeding them every day since we got here -
sometimes twice. seems the colder it gets - the more they eat.
AND the more they want in.
mamma is their spokesman. she is the one who cries at the door. which is glass.
and of course --- my view when i sit in the office.
every morning -- there she is.
wanting food. wanting IN.
i said NO!
help them.
one more week they're goin away. i'm tellin ya.
i lose sleep over these damn cats.
i have FOUR of my own.
if you had four kids-- would you adopt three more???
i didn't think so.
i won't do it.
not gonna do it.
look at these faces-
save the babies-

can i have an "8 hours on my ass" pass, put in my stocking ??

cuz i could use a day like THIS :

as you could tell from the friggin way this began-
with the mysterious underlining.
phew. i thought we were gonna have to deal with that thru the whole post.
and knowing me? that could be anywhere from one minute-- to eternity. ugh.

so. thank God we were spared that agony.

anyhow. do you mind if i bitch? surely ya saw it comin sooner or later right? i haven't done too bad lately, have i? so, it's time. right? anyhow. i don't have a lot of bitchin to do. i've just been busy. every stinkin day. i know. that happens on occasion. but really i am in dire need of a sloth day. lately those days are just as hard on me as the really busy ones though. so i don't know what do to. i haven't found a happy medium yet. you know, a day that i can do 'just enough' to be satisfied with what i accomplish -- but not overdo it to where i am so exhausted that i can't be sociable with the family. or be in so much pain i spend the rest of the day and night in bed-- which causes even more stupid pain. it's just like everything else. 'feast or famine.' all or nuthin'. rich or poor. weak or strong. happy or sad. nice or bitchy. 'come here- go away. '
it's always one extreme or the next with me. and i am just beginning to wonder why that IS.
physically, mentally, emotionally, and even 'health-wise'. it's either one end of the pendulum or the other. the only balance there is - is when it swings passed and waves.
someone tell me why that is. ok?

anyhow-- can ya tell, i'm just tiahd. i need some time off. every day is constant. if it's not runnin around out of the house -- it's runnin around inside the house. and y'all know tax time is comin up. how fun fun fun that is gonna be. i have receipts in five different places. maybe six. and i try so very hard to be organized. i used to be. but really-- we have moved, three times in almost as many years-- and that does not one good thing for organization. lemmee tell ya. ugh.

oh.. yesterday. (well, day before yesterday--- soulkid informs us that in her theater class- they were doin 'somethin'. i couldn't explain it if i tried. but somehow - the kid behind her, fell, causing her to fall, then his weight went on her knee. )
-- so. isn't that just peachy? she had pain, and obvious bruising and swelling. so yesterday i kept her home and took her to the dr. (or vice versa -- whichever). turns out it's nuthing major-- phew!. a kid that age kinda needs good knees eh? they checked her out, went ahead and x-rayd it -- not thinkin they needed to -- but i felt better. so they did. soft tissue and tendon 'damage'.. minor. she will be fine after a few days of motrin and rest (light duty basically). the stairs are a problem. not much she can do about it here-- but when i called the school, they said she could get an elevator pass-- which should help a lot-- so she's not rushing up and down stairs between classes ten times a day. (if she's not too embarrassed to use it).

i also got a referral to a pediatric ortho doc for her to be seen for an old injury to her hip. i have worried about that darn hip for YEARS. it happened when she was like 2 or 3 in day-care. back in the day i could actually work still. my last job in fact.
anyhow-- we went to pick her up one evening, and the lady there had us sign a -accident report- we were fairly young (mid-20's) then, and she was our "1st' kid. we really didn't think much about it. she fell off the monkey bars earlier in the day. she 'looked ' ok. it had been hours since it happened. she wasn't crying. we thought
she was ok. however, she did have a pretty significant limp for several weeks. but she didn't complain of pain. so we didn't worry too much. (she had a large vocabulary for her age-- we were sure that if she was in pain , she would let us know).
anyhow-- we both were working-- but also weren't doin to well on funds... so we didn't rush her to the dr. or make a big deal about it. but like i said... all these years -- we have been concerned of the -- or any -- long term effects of a chronic injury like that. just a few weeks ago i asked her-- just thinkin about it--and out of the blue-- 'does your hip ever bother you? she knew the one i was talkin about ... so she said -- it doesn't hurt but watch this. so she stands up-- and POPS her hip. loud! only the one that was hurt does that.
so. yep i asked the doc to x-ray it-- but he referred me to a pediatric otho doc to have a look. same as me-- he's lookin 5-10 years down the road. this could be a problem. and if it is-- you do realize how guilty i am gonna feel. don't you?

anyhow-- she's gonna go to school today. she's fine with some motrin.

as for my day today?
still another busy one-- but i think i can do most of my stuff from home-- aloooooone.
at least i think so. it's COLD outside-- and i do not wanna be runnin around like the past few days- i do have a few things to do out there but not a lot. most is paperwork and christmas cards-- that i have been attempting to get to for four days. but that has taken over a week just to get my address book updated -- and i still aint all the way done with that. but-- i am further along than i was a few days ago.

anyhow-- i better get this party started around here-

hope y'all have happy days in your worlds today-
things haven't been too bad around here-- i really am tryin to un-grinch myself. i have even done some shopping!!!! GO ME!