Wednesday, February 25, 2009

another busy day ahead --

howdy folks--
i'm writing something i didn't plan on writing when i started--- but that's just me, and how my mind works these days.
i already had some of these pix up, so maybe i'll just work both ideas into this thing. yep-- it's early-- ok, not so early, but my brain just hit overdrive---

did i ever mention to y'all that i have PTSD?? well, i'm sure i have , somewhere along the way here--- BUT, one part of this diagnosis is-- the sound of sirens. depending on where my family is , or sometimes where i am... it can cause mild, to severe panic attacks with me.

this is due to something that happened years ago-- that i don't have time or effort to get into right now--- but trust me, it's valid... and it sucks.

so-- gettin on with this thing--

soulman just left for work-- maybe ten minutes before i began to hear sirens. LOTS of sirens. it had to be cops, ambulance, fire truck - paramedics. the whole shebang.,and they were close-- and loud.
i went straight into my panic mode-and thinking--

he got in a wreck.. it's him.. i should drive over and look down the street--- a hundred thoughts went thru my head in a matter of seconds. i HATE IT! i have been this way for about 20 years. it's a fear, and panic that even anxiety meds don't help. (much), but right now, i am not on any meds-- (note to self--take a.m. meds) :))

so anyhow--- the sirens --- ugh --- i just new it was close--whatever "it" was-- and must be bad cuz there was so many.

eegads! y'all just don't know what it does to me.

one of two "moods" will overtake me today---

or THIS_

BUT-- hey ---
luckily soulman is well aware of my panic disorder-- and many of the triggers for it..

so, before i could worry for too long---
he called me.. to let me know-- it was right down the street--- but it was not him.

apparently a highschool girl was driving in front of him...
and flipped her car!!!!
OMG. how scary--
(having a hubby and an almost driving kid--
i don't even wanna think of car wrecks!)
anyhow he said he stopped---of course-- and helped her out of her car-- called 911 etc...
her parents showed up while we were on the phone.
apparently she wasn't hurt-- but i'll bet she's gonna be feelin some pain later.

so anyhow--- her windows fogged up-- and she couldn't see-- and ended up on her side in a concrete culvert.
she was just inexperienced---
she shoulda stopped --or rolled her window down... or any number of things to clear her windshield ---

note to moms and dads- with driving kids---
add foggy window solutions to your list of --
"if this happens while you're driving-isms.

and be sure to tell 'em , before
THAT happens.


anyways , i am late gettin ready to go , so i gotta get offa heah---

but THIS-

was gonna be my original post for the day----
i had planned on bitching about hubby and his x-box 360 addiction.
but i think i'll just be glad he is ok today-- and the girl in the wreck is ok---
and it can ALWAYS be worse---
no matter wth, you think is so bad.

happy humpday!!!