Wednesday, June 18, 2008

still playin catchup

ever feel like the photo above? i sure do. like right now. y'all should see my ever growing list these days. i'm fixin ta add "see counselor to relieve guilt" to the top.

goo-lawd. i am accomplishing nuthing lately. i read my comments, or begin to visit y'alls pages this passed couple days-- and i get nowhere. at what seems the most important time, that i should be hittin every single one.

i walk into my kitchen.. and turn right back around to leave-- at a time where it looks THE worst it has since we've moved into this house.

hubby and soulkid complain that we have nuthin here to eat or drink-- daily for almost a week... yet i cannot force myself to get to the store.

my list is more a list of things undone-- than a list of things to do.
it's killin me.

i need to hire a crew to help me.

a couple maids,
a secretary,
a shopper,
a handyman,
a car-washer
a chef,
a vacation preparer people,
a accountant,

what else?

i don't know-- but it's been like i am paralyzed lately.

i did manage to get all my bills paid the other day-- but even that took me like three or four days to finish. how crazy. the first couple times i sat down to do it , i fell asleep ! finally finished tho.
but that's about all i can say i have accomplished -- in like a week.
aside from that-- i have fished, slept, spent way too much money on prepared food, and, cried in my non-existent beer.

soooo -- today is the day that i must get off me arse and accomplish my crap.
i also have to go have labs done. which really isn't a good day for that. it's at 1030-- so it will kinda split my errands right in half. but i figure if i clean my kitchen before i leave for that-- then grocery shop on the way home-- if i am too exhausted for anything else by then, at least i've knocked out the two biggies -- and soulman can cook dinner -- and then tomorrow i'll wrap the rest of my stuff around yet another appointment..

CRAP-- is today wednesday???

see how messed up i am??
i don't have an appointment til TOMORROW!!
and here i am.. nursing one cup of cold coffee that i thought i wasn't even supposed to have!!

well.. THAT changes everything! :))this is one time that i'm glad to be senile.. i just may accomplish more than i thought--- first? a second cuppa coffee :))

you know you wanna be ME! :))

well anyhow-- i guess on that note-- i shall get busy-- now i at least know i will get around to y'alls pages today. and that makes me feel HEAPS betttah!!!!!

(note i didn't take the links down-- that's just kind of a dumb idea)

so anyhow-- i'll cruise around later as i take smoke breaks between chores... i really gotta get this house in order today.. and shop and all that stuff.

hope you all have happy days out there---

things are settlin down ovah heah----