Tuesday, April 10, 2007

a day late and a dollar short as usual

ok, here it is... my kids' Easter present.
is it not the cutest thing ever?
i forgot about the frog in the basket with the chicks
but they all three jump up and down, and
sing... "let's go to the hop" !

OK... anyways... what else is goin on here? well, i have been sleeping later than usual... near 630-7 a.m but that is good! but, i have also been taking almost daily naps again! what is up with that? once in a while, i like a nice nap... but i do not like to be exhausted for no real reason, and HAVE to take a nap. ugh. never satisfied, am i? oh well.

so, yesterday, we did manage to get hubbys med records from his hernia surgery... and guess what... he DOESN"T have the KUGEL patch! he has another one, called the "Marlex plug patch" . again, this, is gooooood. i googled it, and no lawsuits for that company, or recalls, etc. so, hubby is ok. aside from the fact that his symptoms, must be leaning towards something else. he will just love his first colonoscopy !!!! but i think it's something he should look into. i've had one... and trust me they aint no fun at all! it's actually the "prepping" that is the worst part. ie drinking A entire gallon of the most God awful stuff you've EVER tasted... which by the way will make you puke...but you have to continue to drink the crap. (skuze the pun)... also, laxatives of two or three types... and of course the outcome.. LOL.. again.. skuze the pun! but ya... two days of THAT? OMG. the actually procedure...you don't even know it's begun, til it's over! so ya. two days on the potty... and the meds etc beforehand... BLECH!
so anyways, yep, i think that will have to be his next trip to the doc. because something just is not right with this guy. BUT, at least he isn't dying from some stupid thing they put inside of him.

hmmmm, what else? i did manage to take care of some other things yesterday...like paying some bills, arguing with the cable company..and losing...i still had to pay almost 240.00 for freakin cable/internet !!!! i really thought it was a billing mistake. it wasn't. ACK. i think pretty soon, i just may have no cable or internet. i don't care that much about tv to pay that much stinkin money for it.
so, by the time we finished at the hospital, went to the cable place, and gave them a small fortune, we paid another bill...and right when we were on our way to get groceries... we decided that we were both just too hungry to shop. we knew we would buy a bunch of junk food that would be gone in three days... so what did we do? yep...went to lunch! it was good too...italian. a place we've never been. BUT... by the time we left the restaurant, you just KNOW i was full, tired, sore, and ready for my nap! so... we did not make it to the grocery store. at all. we are on like day four now... with little more than top ramen and bologna, and a few slices of stale bread left in this house. sooooo yep. i must go face wally hell, once again. and you know i do not want to. i think i'm gonna hire someone to go shop for me once a week! that's how much i hate it!

so ya. that's about it for now.
more latah perhaps.