Wednesday, September 8, 2010

if this log rolls over we'll drown

(my town)Texas - Students and faculty members were evacuated from a my kids - ISD intermediate school when a nearby creek began flooding out of its banks Wednesday morning.

yup it's true .  major flooding in and around where i live.  schools are and have been evacuated.  my kids school wasn't one of them, but soulman went and got her anyhow.  it aint easy to forget once you've been in a flash flood.  not to mention - in my case -- a few - in a vehicle - and my house - a couple as well.  so. when i saw the news, i told hubby - cancel her appointment, and go get her.  not that he hadn't had that plan on his mind already - but now that i was in agreement - without his suggesting it-- it was a sealed deal, and off he went. 
at this point , it isn't raining anymore... our house is fine, and the soul clan is fine.  in fact the two of them, and soulkid 2 , are at sonic, grabbin some lunch -- they slay me.  if it was me - i would have got my kid and come straight home-- them?  they went to home depot, and sonic.  don't ask.  i gave up tryin to figure out their thought process... which is obviously much the same.  and totally not the same as mine. 

oh well.  they survived their journey.  and even brought me lunch :))  gotta give em credit for livin life right?  livin on the safe side doesn't always pay off.  they came in , all smiles. 

and what i am i doin?  sittin here pissed off cuz my phone won't work, and i can't talk to my dr. to get the results of my chest x-ray.  that's what i'm doin.  she called this mornin - i missed the call.  now my phone won't work to call back.  aint life grand? 

catch you folks latah.

happy days peeps-