Saturday, June 13, 2009

it's not still wednesday, couldn't tell by lookin

howdy folks.

sorry i haven't been around much. we've had storms, and power outages, and other stuff goin on for days here. figures it would be the days that i was "supposed " to be getting ready for angie. i ended up with up with two doctors appointments, wet muddy dogs making it impossible to clean my floors. hubby working what seems to be the longest week he's worked in months, just when i needed his help the most--- which leaves a lot undone... not that a oversoaked, overgrown back yard could be cut and cleaned up in this condition anyhow. but i needed him to help me do some major grocery shopping.. and he hasn't been available to carry the crap. so i haven't gone.
i managed a bunch of laundry and dishes, and the fridge and basic crap to look presentable. but presentable is not the look i was goin for. i don't suppose it will matter once she sees the garage anyhow. that's where we plan to work and sift and declutter anyhow. i betya it's a 75 percent dump/goodwill run anyways. but i bet it's just not what sh'se used to seeing. but somehow , every garage we ever have ends up lookin like that. (don't blame me.. i know how to find a trash can!)

i made an appointment early in the week to have eevee bathed and brushed out-- she was blowin her coat-- everywhere. i do mean everywhere. that night i looked at her-- she looked like she lost ten pounds-- i don't know how, but her shedding problem was all of the sudden minimal. the big balls of hair were gone and she just didn't need the major grooming session that usually costs 40 dollars. so i cancelled it-- with hubby saying HE would bathe and brush her. BUT-- has he had time? noooooo. he may have-- if it hadn't rained every night this week. he sure can't do it in the shower-- we'd be callin someone out to snake the pipes soon afterwards if he did. so, even though she isn't blowin pounds of hair all over the house every hour.. she still needs the loose hair brushed out and a bath.

speaking of animals in need of a bath--- has anybody ever seen a cat with dreadlocks?
OMG--- jitterbug--- i swear-- she has dreadlocks at her back end-- she's to fat to reach back that far-- and her is a tangled dreadlock disaster !!! i've never seen anything like it on a cat in my life. she used to be a normal cat until she got fixed three or four years ago-- within a couple months she exploded, and musta gained fifteen pounds. she is gigantoid. i wonder sometimes if she didn't get some kind of tumor or somethin... but she eats like a i assume she's healthy. just fat.

spot-- she got fixed the same day-- what happened to her? her personality changed. from wicked, mean, and nasty, to sweet as pie. she's very shy. but before she got fixed she had a hate like no other for soulman, and sometimes for even me-- but as for soulman, she tried to kill him a few times. she got she cuddles with him. very strange.

sushi is next on the chopping block-- if i ever get off my laze and get her scheduled to get in there. she really needs to get fixed before her next heat cycle. the next will be her fourth i think-- if not her fifth. and i hear the more they have without breeding-- the worse it is for them. and we have finally decided there will be no breeding for her. so it's time. i really hope she has no weird personality changes. we love her just as she is. and if she gains any more weight , she'll pop like a tick. poor doggy.

as for eevee, she still hasn't seen another vet. she was supposed to get a second opinion on her breast tumor. all i have to say to that--- we're busy people. we'll get to all this. in time.

oh and as for my own second opinion on my own shady mamogram and ultrasound i had a little while back. it was easy to push that to the back of my mind--- until recently-- a fire was lit under my ass-- i will be lookin into gettin that checked out soon... well, soon as i get to it on my list.

as for med stuff.. my neuro doc-- who has been very graceous with my pain meds for maybe close to 8 months or so-- pulled the rug out from under me. passed his limit of comfortability i guess. he says he can't be a pain management dr for me. ugh. so now-- i had to call a pain mgmt. dr. and now am waiting for them to call, after rcvng. my records, and get me in there. and y'all know how i am about that. i have it all worked out in my head that that will be a big ole mess, with a big ole messy ending. i am not looking forward to it. do i wanna deal with VA for pain meds? it might be easier. but i swear-- i have a panic attack every single time i drive out there. ugh.

he really really picked a bad time to do this to me. right at packing/moving time. i explained that to him when i saw him the other day-- told him there is no way that i am will get into, and evaluated by a new dr by the time i run out of pain meds while i'm packing, etc ..... but === he's done. only with the meds tho. he is sending me for labs, and other tests. still digging deeper. we both know -- there is more that one reason i have such pain. and why it changes , and worsens, etc. i'll be getting the (12) lab tests after angie leaves.

speaking of angie-- she will be here today-- i think i mentioned that-- even tho my house isn't ready-- i have time to finish up some things before she gets here-- and i really don't think she's gonna care. if she does we'll hang out out in her room...or my office...they're clean and comfy rooms. if i aint sleepin-- i live in my office anyways.
well.. that is if i'm not friggin sleepin. ugh. wth? i wish i wasn't sleepin so damn much.
i've pin pointed it to stress-- yep the ole standby---- or thyroid. or ya know-- it could even be the damn pain. pain will wear your ass right out.
i was talkin to a buddy of mine last night-- i told her i sure hope i can stay awake when angie is here--- what if i get her home and i say hi angie-- make yourself yourself at home-- i'm goin to bed-- see ya in about five hours.
good lord-- if that happens ...i'm jumpin off a bridge!
we have plans dammit---

ok.. my memory is shot peeps.. i have no idea what i just blabbed about for the last hour-- but i will bore you no more. i need more coffee... and i gotta get my damned barkin dawgs inside.
after that-- it's workin, and shoppin and car washin and whatever else i can think of for me.
angie will be here at 4. woo hoo!

we shall post pics of my before and after sty. and if she's up for it-- her fishin , and her free hugs thing she does. yep-- you wouldn't catch me doin it-- but she's a hugger.

later peeps.