Thursday, June 7, 2007

Thursday Part Three

well, this afternoon, after my second little fishing excursion, i was quite exhausted; so after i posted on here i took quite a long nap. i was dead on my feet. i didn't wake up til almost five o'clock ! that had to be three or four hours. phew. i needed it though. all that heat, and excitement, and standing, and casting and reeling, and .. did i say excitement...and heat? ugh. yup i was pretty well toast. so anyhow, i woke up and hubby still wasn't home from work, so i just hung out a little til he got home; then of course we were both starving so i cooked dinner. salmon...yum! so anyhow, while we ate, i told him my fishing stories, and he looked at my blog entries about them. i got the kudos for the day !
so, we finish eating, and i'm thinking oooh, i have a bath and a lazy night ahead of me... when he says... are you ready to go? i'm like, go where? he wanted to go after a big fish too !!!! so... we went !!! and here is how our trip went....

i took him right where i had been earlier. both of us just felt it in our bones that at least one of us was gonna get a good fish. so, we get all set up, throw out our lines, and on hubbys first or second cast, i look over and his rod tip is all bent down, he's reelin away... i'm like... ya got one? he says.. i think so, it feels like a nice one. so i stop and watch...waiting for "grampa" to come rollin up on the bank any second. but.... dum dum dum..... it wasn't grampa. in fact... it wasn't a bass... actually.... it wasn't a fish at all !

it was a freakin GIANT SNAPPIN turtle !! hubby tried to free him with the pliers, and that turtle was quick as a snake ! he almost got a finger or two ! after that, hubby didn't hesitate to cut the line and just hope he could work it out on his own. i have no doubt that thing coulda taken a finger right off !

so anyhow. he re-tied his line, and we got back to fishin. of course after shaking off a few nerves. so, there we are, fishin'... waitin for the big one. wondering which one's gonna get the bragging rights of the day! when of course three teenagers had to come and rain on our parade ! we had maybe twenty or thirty feet between us, and just where do you think these kids decided they would fish? yup... right between us. i know.. we don't own the creek... but c'mon. have some respect. besides.. right where they got.. was right where both big fish wer today !!! ugh. soooo we just let em be.... hubby moved a little down his way, i moved a little further down my way... and later we discovered we were thinking the same thing, as these kids caught their fish. you see, they were fishing with live worms, for perch, and doing a fine job i might add. the only thing was; the fish they were catching... were never bigger than maybe four to five inches long. to us... they are BAIT. but these kids were excited, and having a good time, and would tell each other "oooh good one" oooh nice one'... so when we left, and shared our opinions of them... i mocked them saying "ya, nice one...for your goldfish bowl!" but hey... there is a lot worse things that kids could be doing than disturbing some fishing, and getting excited over catching baitfish right? so , good for them.

so, anyhow.... i wasn't gettin much action. little nibbles here and there, more than likely perch. nothing to write home about. and the kids were getting on my nerves; so i walked a bit further down the way, and noticed some action happenin. a feeding frenzy perhaps? so i started throwin into it. and i was gettin hit after hit , but not catching any. so i called hubby down there. he was afraid to leave all our extra rods and tackle down there so i told him i would get it, just come over . so he did, and i showed him where i was missing all these fish. he throws in...and whack ! here's what he brought in....

it was a nice fish and bigger than it looks in the picture...but not as big as the one i got this morning... nanny nanny booby! but i was glad he caught a fish. i sure wasn't having any luck.

so anyhow, we continued to fish for quite some time, but the fish just weren't hittin anymore. but it's so hard to quit trying when you knw they're there. ya know? so we kept at it for a while. we didn't leave til 9 o'clock ! i didn't realize it was that late.. there was still a touch of sun left. but ; just before we left... the last fish of the day was MINE ! but, unfortunately, she really is nothing to brag about. she's just too cute NOT to put on here though. i swear the BAIT was almost as big as her. here i bring to you.... Jr's baby sister !
TA DA!!!
and good-night !

OH WAIT... we also saw.... muskrats ! or some such things. there were two of them. look...
ok...toodles folks, i'm outta heah

awww look at the booger

yes folks, unfortunately, jr. there is all i caught on my second trip to the pond today. BUT, the good news is; i was right! there are more big'uns in there. and i was also right when i said my name was on one of them. sad part about that? well, i'm not quite sure if it was me, or the fish. But, i had one on, and he was as big, or even bigger than the other one i got this morning. i don't think it was the same fish, because he bit different... this one took my line and carried it off, and also fought much harder. the first one, i actually thought was a hang up at first. anyhow... this second one... it was my first cast, and BAM! i went nuts. i could hear hubbys' voice in my head... "don't lower your rod tip!" check your drag"... "slow down"... OMG. i just got so nervous. i could tell this was a big fish. well, i don't know what happened. (because i did everything hubby told me to do..LOL) maybe my hook was too small, maybe i didn't set the hook good enough, maybe i had too much slack in my line...who knows?... but i saw him....and he was big, and RIGHT AT THE BANK ! UGH! but somehow, he got off. and off he swam. i bet i looked like one of those guys on the fishin shows when they lose their 500,000.00 fish. i grabbed my head, i stomped my feet, i grunted and groaned... i did everything but cry. oh well. the good part? i know there's two of those bad boys in there waiting for me tomorrow. WOO HOO!!! and i know right where to go.
speakin of which.... i cannot believe that tomorrow is already friday. did the week go as fast for everyone else? or was it just cuz mine started off so rough, and i slept half of it away?
ok... i'm gone, my back is killing me !!!

LOOK what i CAUGHT : no not a disease!

I am soooo excited!!! i went to A pond today after i dropped the girl at school. it was one i have been to , but not in several years. so anyhow, i thought i would give it a shot! i tell ya, i was happy as hell to catch this fish, but it really sucked that hubby wasn't there to see it. he is always rooting for me, hoping i will get a nice fish. so far, since we've been back in texas and fishing again, i haven't got a really nice one... not over a pound or two. THIS one... easily three plus !!! man, it woulda been great to catch in a tournament!
but anyhow...i was obviously alone, and had to attempt to take the pics of myself... i don't do that very well...but i HAD to! i was not prepared for a photo session... my hair is a mess, the wind was blowing... i should have at least worn a hat! but just LOOK at THAT BASS ! i'm just giddy ! unfortunately, it was the only one i caught this morning...but i only had half an hour to fish... so really a fish like that in that amount of time... not too shabby eh?
well, i must clean my kitchen and run my errands etc etc etc... and i just might go give that pond/creek another shot later on! where there's one like that, there MUST be more. and i tell ya , MY name is on one of them! i'll be back