Thursday, January 28, 2010

i should be gettin ready to go-- am i ? umm, no.

but not til after this song! i am in love with this song :)) i could-- and have, listened to it five times in a row. have you heard it before? i just love it.

but anyhow-- in other news. the thunder just started. i don't mind thunder-- but most of ya know that Eevee is a scardy cat when it comes to thunder. it scares her to death. we don't really know why. but it just does. she absolutely hates it. poor baby.

so anyhow-- i really should be ready to leave by now-- i took the kid to school this morning half dressed-- as usual. she's been goin in early for almost two weeks. she had to make up time for absences, in order to get her drivers permit through the drivers school. what a drag that has been for both of us. we have both gotten used to the goin in at 9 thing. now the losin an hour in the mornin kinda sucks.
funny part? she texted this mornin after i got home -- and told me -- she only needed to make up 3 days--- which was only 3 hours-- which was = three days. haha-- she's gone like 12 days. i just told her-- oh well, if nothin else , it was a good lesson in dicipline. i expected her to cuss at me or somethin-- she only wrote back-- 'whatevah'

she loves me. oh well. we're glad that's over with. now she can get her driving hours in and get her permit. y'all have no idea how scared i am just to think of my baby drivin in this town (DFW) . even I panic in this traffic. OMG -- save me.

so anyhow-- i almost forgot to tell ya where i'm goin today-- i know y'all are dyin to know - aint ya? :))

well, some of ya know i had to reschedule my lunch - slash - picking up of the patrick portrait - with JLEE last week.. right? remember that? my cerebral flatulence. i been pretty good with - if nothing else, that, lately. so anyways- we are meeting today, in just a couple hours for lunch and the pass of of the portrait. i can't wait. i hope it isn't pouring down rain --ugh.. with my luck it will be. i'm wondering if i have something to put it in to keep it dry. i don't think i do. but it's raining now-- dammit. and it's sposed to only get worse as the day rolls on. but-- it'll be good to see my friend. it's always a good time with her.

so. not a whole lot has been goin on here. but i did finally consult dr google of my latest feelings of being drug through the mud.
wanna hear what i learned?
well, i had already figured it out-- google only helped confirm my suspicions ---
friggin norco withdrawal. yes i know. i don't abuse it-- or even "like" it. but like i've said-- i take a high dose. so.. since monday-- i haven't been taking as much. i've maybe more than cut the dose in half. i carry a small pill box that only holds like 6 or so , and hadn't needed to re-fill it til this morning-- normally-- i take that much or more in one day. so umm, yeh-- by yesterday i felt so bad, and hadn't been sleepin, had been all anxiety ridden and grouchy-- just all kindsa stuff-- i finally thought-- hey-- you don't have to like it for your body to miss it. like a lot of my other meds-- even shit like effexor makes your brain feel like lightening is striking it when ya miss one or two doses. of course my first thought was -- take a friggin pill :))
but then of course i thought twice about that-- i was three days into it already-- the worst was almost over-- well-- they say a week or two-- but still why go backwards - right. so instead of goin backwards-- i just went to bed at a decent time-- and took an extra sleeping pill :)) can't win for losin maybe eh? but i did finally sleep the night thru-- and hopefully i can get back on track and tonight will be better.

on that happy note-- i must get myself presentable and hit the streets... nobody knows how to drive in this town when it rains.

road rage here i come :))

happpy days to y'all