Thursday, January 3, 2008

this soul is goin ta bed

back to real life today

well, when i went to bed last night i was thinking about how today would finally be life back to normal in soul land. school for soul kid, a normal work schedule for soulman, and back to my normal routine... whatever that may be. somehow though, i'm gettin a feeling that it isn't gonna be a quite so "normal" day. at least not if it keeps as it is going.

i woke up at like 3. which has been a normal wake up time for me many times before, but not for a while. at least not through the holidays. nothing has been "normal " through the holidays actually". but anyhow. i did wake up at like 3, but i woke up because, when we moved in here in this house, we stopped buying bottled water, because this place has a filtration system, and it actually tastes almost like bottled watered anyhow-- so when i go to bed now-- i just take a glass of ice water--- rather than the trusty ole bottle. right? well.... jitterbug.... for some reason, only jitterbug does this, spot doesn't. but jitterbug, drinks from my glass... i catch her often drinking , not only my water--- but iced tea as well. now tell me that is not strange--- does anyone else have a cat that drinks TEA????

ok, anyhow-- back to my story--- 3 a.m. i hear this... slurping, or lapping, sound, whatever ya wanna call it... it's dark in there, but i knew it was stupid jitterbug drinking my water... so i yell at her at get her away and off my table. but she comes back a couple times. she finally goes away. but then i'm too awake to go right back to sleep. so i'm trying, and i keep hearing the damn smoke alarm.. but it of course takes a minute to figure out wth it is too. ugh. but every thirty seconds or minute-- i hear... BEEP. ERG! finally, i give up. i just get the hell up. but, is it just that easy? hell no. i'm me. my laptop cord is all tangled in my phone cord, so i have to fight with that shit... then hubby wakes up wondering wth im doin. by then i'm all of course i ramble off ALL my complaints in a matter of seconds. poor hubby. HOW he puts up with me i will never know. i do bet he is glad that i go to bed early most nights though and leave him to relax alone in the living room. lol.
anyhow.. he tried to get me to lay back down, but i was too awake by then, so i just got up.. he has no problem going back to sleep when something like that happens.. noises, storms, whatever.. but me.. it's all over with. once i'm up--i'm up. so--guess what--- i'm up.

and-- it's 450 now-- and someone just called my daughters phone--i wonder wth it was. not sure if she answered or not, but that would piss me off if i was 13 on a school night. just so ya know.


that just blew my train of thought. and i need coffee anyhow.

damn..whoever is calling her just called again, now i hear her talking ..i'm gonna have to go bitch..she needs to sleep ...she goes back to school today.

ok... so anyhow... i supppose i will be back, when my brain returns.