Tuesday, June 12, 2007

hats bass and photo taking cops

hiya folks!

the only hat i haven't fished in yet, is the "B" one. and for the life of me, i cannot remember if that is for Boston, or Da Bears! ummm...never been big on baseball, but if y'all know..tell me, cuz if it's Boston... it shall be my next hat to fish in! (my dad was from Boston).
the sea ray hat, was lucky at the creek yesterday...BUT on the boat, it did NO good at all. the kelly hat was lucky...but hubby wore it yesterday for a while...so i have to let the jynx wear off before i try that one again. yes i know..he thought i was nuts too! uh, well, i AM NUTS!
soooo, the hat O' the day today???? my blue lear jet/bombardier hat... was it lucky? YUP!!! i slayed them this mornin!.... slayed em! some big, some small...some short strikes, but i was gettin hit aftah hit! what a morning!

my first cast, with a buzz bait, was a short strike, so i missed it. i could tell it was nice, he blew up on it...but i missed him. a few more casts, and one more short strike later.... i slowed down the retrieve and, well....nice fish.

well, after that, and a few more casts, with no more strikes, i decided it was time to switch to the drop shot.... and .... well... say hello to my other little friend... actually, he's not so little...he is as wide as my shoulders! a little skinny, but nice. and he fought hard...and my drag was loose...so i was very lucky to get him in. the drag was squealing so loud a bicycle cop came over to see just what i caught. well... being the crappy self photographer that i am... would you believe that i asked him to take my picture? ! LOL. and he did! he didn't even ask for my fishin license. ha! perhaps he was distracted by my skillz. :)
so.... i did get a little perch a few casts later, but it just wasn't worth the effort to take a pic, so i just tossed him back in, and threw out again. and guess what i got... i swear... not only have i never SEEN a bass this size... i surely have never CAUGHT one! yes... it IS a BASS...(at least i'm pretty sure he was).. he has been moved to a video.