Friday, January 8, 2010

ce' la shit

so-- do i cuss? cry? or pee my pants?
not that any of the above would help anything. but still. nothing i mentioned -- or complained about-- if that's what ya wanna call it-- the other day has been resolved yet.

in fact- as i sit here? guess who i am waiting for to knock on the door? yup, AAA. why? yup, right again. to jump start the truck. hopefully. ugh. this is gonna kill me and soulman both if he doesn't get another truck.

yesterday, they actually did close the schools -- due to the cold, and mainly icy roads.
so, because of that - and the fact that i knew i wouldn't be leaving the house in temps below 20 or so, i let soulman take my car to work. it's smaller, warms up faster, and of course, has new tires. so, he did. i didn't miss it -- i didn't even think about goin anywhere in that weather.

what DID i think about? yep -- the friggin truck. almost all day long.
is he gonna be home in time to get soulkid to driver ed?
if not- is the truck gonna start?
if so-- is the truck gonna start?
hmm, i wonder if the damn truck is gonna EVER start?
(he did start it before work-- and it started fine btw)
BUT--- did it start at 4 o'clock when he wasn't home yet - to take the kid to drivers ed?
ha! surely you jest. we are US. it did not start.
did i panic? oh yeh. you know i did. it is what i do best. you know that.
so first, i call soulman, he was on his way home, but he wasn't gona make it in time to get her to class.
i call the class- to say, hey my kid is gonna be a little late-
they say -- more than 15 minutes - don't bother.
SHIT! again.
but wait. exhale.
she can go to the 630 class.
ok no problem.
soulman gets home-- starts the truck on the first try.
makes me feel real smart. damn diesels.
he drives her to class in the truck to give it a charge.
but-- we both spend the rest of the night worrying about the friggin truck-
and of course--
THIS morning the M-F-ER doesn't start!
after he has a fit-- and i have my anxiety attack-
we decide he take the car to work-\
and i call AAA - in hopes the damn truck will start-
in time to get my child to school
because as we all know by now-- she CANNOT afford even one more absence.
now she is up-- and has been told if the truck doesn't start -- she's goin to school in a taxi !
if it doesn't start after school? we can only hope soulman doesn't work late-- like he has all week long.

SHIT! again.

our minds are made up now though for sure-- he has a three day weekend-- and the bubba mobile is no more- i know we will be screwed on the trade in value because of all that is wrong with it-- there's no hiding the noise the front end makes-- or the bad brakes -- maybe not even this mystery issue it has about not starting. so even tho we aren't so much upside down at this point-- trade in will put us there-- in the first five minutes of the sale.


so anyhow-- AAA got here -- i was outside -- wearing like three layers of clothes-- for less than four minutes-- i finally told the guy--
if it starts leave it runnin- i have to go inside-!

have i mentioned i hate the cold? well i do-- and at this moment it is 17 degrees outside-- with a windchill of like 2. kill me.

i'm sure i have more to say-- but at the moment all i can panic -- i mean focus on-- is that damn truck. it better start. the taxi sounds like a good idea-- but for those who know me at all? i never carry cash. not a nickel. so if it doesn't start-- she really aint goin to school-- and there's one more missed day of school--- right before finals.

the mother of the year award sure aint goin to me-


hope y'all are warm and happy in your world-
cuz mine is...well...
shit :))

it'll be ok though-- it always works out.