Saturday, January 30, 2010

thought i forgot - didnchya ?? well- surprise :))

The Brenda Photo Challenge Is BACK !!!!

sposed to be three pics-- but i always gotta do things my own way :))

i did 4 :))
and that wasn't enough :((

here's my photo challenge pics :))


"best of 2009"

we finally bought a house- and we love it :))

my youngest nephew got married- first of the 3
(he's the one in the middle)
congrats- and best wishes to him and his lovely bride :))

we had much to be thankful for-
'thanksgiving 2009

Christmas 2009
me and my girls-
all that was missin was my sistah
(we'd complete 'the golden girls :))

i spose i shall have ta post again later-- or not-- depends on how the day goes--
hope y'all have warm, fun days today in your worlds-
i'll try--
yesterday-- believe it or not-- i actually accomplished things -- (thank you God for my legs!)