Monday, March 24, 2008

happy munday-ne

welcome to monday peoples--


i reckon it's back to the real world for most of us today eh? some of y'all have had an extra day or two off from work, some went away or saw family you don't normally see much of of, and then of course a lot of us had an extra week with our school age kids-- that was FUN huh? :)) i bet it was even more fun for the ones who have three or four of em. oooh i feel for ya--- i could barely keep up with my one! but yep--
today, it's back to school , and back to work, for most. or perhaps back to spending the day at home alone for others. or whatever it is that you do.

things here won't be a whole lot different-- yes soulkid goes back to school :))
but hubby has a couple more days off work. a week or two when he asked for monday and tuesday off-- he had NO idea that mid week last week would be what it turned out to be-- such as "sick days" because of ME! :(( and now-- HIS vacation days-- turn out to be days-- that he may not be feeling well. :(( . he felt like hell last night. i really hope he isn't getting sick. he survived the flu and other crap around here unscathed, but yesterday he just looked and felt like hell. i am hoping it is his lack of sleep for the last 2-3 weeks. really that alone can screw a person up--plus the stress of me and the dog, and work--ugh. poor guy. he did feel a little better after a nap and some meds, so hopefully after not stayin up til 1 am, and maybe sleepin a little late today-- he'll be better. we shall see.

soulkid MAY be getting released from braces jail today!!! woo hoo ! i swear i hate those things more than she does! mainly because it's me who is always reminding her-- and being ignored-- of what she needs to do-- to comply with the what to do's with the damn things. ugh. i just want them off and out of my face-- and wallet!! 500 friggin dollars-- IF they come off in time.. which would be like today or in the next couple weeks.. any longer-- means MORE damn money. i say-- if she isn't gonna do things right-- take them off now-- and let her future husband finish with them later!!!

well, since i'm on the soul fam thread--
not terrible today-- yet. of course i haven't faced the first day back to school argument yet. i'll get back to you on that. i will say it was NO fun getting her to go to bed last night , after a week of her staying up til God knows when .. then trying to get her to bed before 1030-11- UGH. i heard her in the kitchen after 1130. who knows when she went to sleep. it's gonna be real fun waking her up--and getting to school on time. she has been late to school more since we moved ACROSS the street from school, then she ever was when i drove her. WTF???

so much for the me topic.. guess there's just not much about me today-- so that could be good.
i guess i'm just stressin bout the other two today.
that and slothing.
my bills are DUE-- and i can't MAKE myself pay them -- again. my car payment was DUE yesterday-- not just needing to be in the mail-- but DUE-- did i pay it? uhhh.. NO. i got everything ready to pay-- but what did i do? i played with sushi, and peeps !!! LOL
i just can't stay focussed on any damn thing lately. oh well.

so-- i guess that brings me to my plan of the day---

pay bills---
mail said bills
either take--or have hubby take child to ortho--and shell out 500 smackers
clean damn kitchen-- to include washing dishes--and PANS (my favorite thing ya know)
change my sheets-- that sushi has ruined-- remember she's in heat-- the little beeotch
possibly bed shop later tonight--if hubby feels bettah. the child wants to re-do her room, and i must re-do my guest room.... maybe if jamie has a place to sleep i can get her to come to soulland???

anyhow-- what's on y'alls list today--
whatever you do-- i hope ya have good days!