Sunday, February 14, 2010

thanks y'all - for bein you - and helpin me

how can 'brezz have a "SOL" fishin reel ?

THIS is what i look at and feel inspired by-
THIS is what makes me smile-
even when i feel like shit-

ever -
an abandoned shoe?
every time i see one on the side of the road?
i wonder where it's owner is-
where is the foot that belongs in it?
where is the other one?
there is supposed to be TWO!
there is nothing to make me smile about one footless, shoe.

THIS is what i feel about a footless lone shoe

but THIS is what lookin at

HIM (her) does to me

SO -- guess what folks ?

i'm goin back to "Soul Survivor"
and i want y'all to come with me.
it won't be the same without you.
I won't be the same without you.

to quote what Donna (TX) said in the comments:

"I loved Soul...Brezz has a Spirit...Which do YOU feel holds the Truth, for YOU? Then, follow that path!"

not to single any one of you out-- because every one of you said something special that touched my heart in its own special way. the way donna worded that-- and asked me to ask my 'soul' a question-- and answer it? that took some 'soul searchin' y'all. and i did find which of the two of Soul or Brezz holds the truth for ME. y'all already knew-- and i could feel it-- i could see it in the way i was writing, and feeling.

i have to be 'soul'.
i feel Soul.
y'all don't even know who Brezz is.
and i don't either.

THIS is who i am-