Monday, November 30, 2009

WE DID IT !!!! WOO HOO !!!

howdy folks- and folkettes :))

i don't have time to write at the moment-- so let the photos do the talkin---

nuthin like child labor -
us old folks didn't have to hang one ornament :))
but it sure was fun to watch!

every year since it was possible,
soulman has lifted soulkid to put the angel on top of the tree.
- seems to be quite a strain this year eh? -
well, she sure would be-- if not for the ladder !
bwa hahhahahaha !

soulkids FIRST christmas pic with a Boyfriend!
i think it's adorable !
- they both hate it-
or so they say.

Jitterbug had no problem finding her favorite spot
under the tree.
the minute the clutter was moved -- she was THERE!
(YES, Smocha we are gonna move the cord. :))

aint they sweeT
a man and his reinDOG

and, last but not least -
the elusive

if y'all are wonderin where my pic is? well... i was cameraman. you know how it is.

oh wait-- one more ---

how could i forget the baby of the family?
here's sushi and her baby-

which she tore the stuffing out of , and he had to be thrown away :((
poor sushi spent an hour looking for that baby.

ok peeps-- life around here begins again today , school, work, lists, bills, errand, and junk like that.

hope you all have wonderful weeks in your worlds!!!!!