Saturday, January 9, 2010

well, there 'she' is - and there she goes

the new bubba mobile
purty eh?

one less thing to stress about in soulland.

as for the rest? who knows? it'll work out. like i said, it always does.

i have been thinkin over the last few days though, and i have decided that i need to take a break from blogging. y'all know how it is, sometimes it's just somethin that needs to be done sometimes.

for me? i want to say that i've had it, and i'm just done with the whole thing. i'm bored with it. i'm pressured by it. i think it's crap that if i don't write for a few days-- folks are all over me-- where are you? update.. etc... but when i write often- i rarely hear much at all. sometimes i feel like someones just peeking over my shoulder reading my journal-- or worse maybe reading my mail. sometimes.
so-- yeh. it just isn't fun anymore for me. at least right now.
maybe i'll be back -- maybe i won't.
maybe i'll put my writing efforts elsewhere.

anyhow-- whatever happens--
i hope y'all stay safe and happy in your worlds-

i'll do what i always do in mine-