Sunday, February 24, 2008

Soulman's Guest Post ---

hi folks---
sorry i haven't been around much ... i have slept more this passed couple days than i can remember sleeping in a long time. and y'all remember , sleeping used to be what i did best. :))

anyhow-- for anyone who is interested-- below is soulmans' version of the seizure episode from friday. i feel so bad for him. to see this happen to him , would scare the crap outta me!

anyways-- here ya go---

i shall post tomorrow. no idea about what-- seein as nothing has happened other than me sleeping 18 hours a day-- and still kickin this cold/flu thing.

we are hoping to go fishing tomorrow--- the weather is great here-- hope it is at your place too!

i miss y''all !

soulmans' guest post:

All I can say is I have seen seizures as my best friend growing up had them. However they were the calmer ones. This one caught me by total suprise and as I told Soul at the time I had no idea what was happening. We had just been talking and there was a patch of slilence of less than 2 or 3 minutes and then I heard her making a god awful noise, a sort of moaning and then she started vomiting. I flew out of my chair look at her eyes and she just started convulsing and was very stiff and her arms were drawn up and her fists clenched. I yelled at her and pulled her towards me so she would not aspirate. Basically pulled her so she was more leaning over me like you would burp a baby and she throw up all over my back. I was talking to her the whole time and she had no response other than to convulse.
She was very close to aspirating her vomit and probably did a little bit. She was so stiff and then she completly stopped breathing for what felt like minutes... more like probably 20 - 30 seconds. However that was the longest 30 seconds of my life. I literally thought she died. I slapped her face several times and slapped her back and then she drew in a long raspy breath and then she started breathing again but it was not normal breathing... It was the same breathing my dad had when he passed. It was terrifying. I had laid her back slightly so I could see her face and her eyes were rolled back and then she went wide awake eyes and looking at me like I was a complete stranger... Then she went limp and like a rag doll. She did open her eyes and I knew she was not all there and she still did not know me. Just before the ambulance arrived she would open and close her eyes like she had a bad dream or was having a dream... she would o pen and look at me so weird and then close her e yes. I kept asking her if she knew who I was and what happened and she just shook her head. Then as the Ambulance arrived they walked in and she sat upright and stared at them and she looked so scared and of course I did not want her to be scared. So as they knelt in front of her I went to the back of the couch and put my hand on her shoulder and face and they started talking to her and one of them said Soul. You had a seizure... She looked around the room in disbelief and I touched her face again and knelt by her side and then asked her again if she knew who I was and she nodded and said yes... That is when I felt better. They hooked her up to a few machines and then they started getting her ready to transport and I basically jumped in my truck and followed her to the hospital. The rest is pretty much on Souls post.
The entire ordeal to me was probably one of, if not the worst thing I have been through. I have always tried to protect Soul and Soulkid and I hope that when the time comes for one of us to die that they are not scared etc. I keep running the tape over and over again in my mind and all I can think of is how I was so scared she was dying I thought she could be having an anurysym or stroke or something. I just wanted her to know I loved her and I did not want her to hurt and she just looked to be in so much pain. My heart was hurting so bad that she had to go through it. She is such a special person and she has been through enough bad stuff in her life. I just hope it was the only one she will ever have. I pray she already knows how much I love her. However for me I plan on trying to do some things different in my life as far as my physical conditioning etc so I am in better shape so I dont go and have a heart attack or anything else on her etc. I really think thi s was brought on by her being sick as she was and not having enough liquids etc and the addisions disease how it can make your body feel rough and can compound problems. We will see what the specialists have to say about.