Friday, November 20, 2009

post number 863, and i got nuthin but brain fog

but hey-- there's a fairy for that! wanna see?

yeh, i named him the "brain fog fairy"
why not, right? don't ask me why, or how, but i googled "absent minded" and his image was THIRD to show up. i went no further. if HE is what defines absent minded, then i will take him all the way to my full blown senility baby!!!

ok, enough playin around. for now at least.

i don't have a lot to say today really. i've pretty much just been tryin to recover from the endo/gastro tests, and all they took out of me for the last couple days. i actually felt fairly normal-- for me, normal, yesterday. not so dead and weak feelin. which is good.

the day before, i had an appointment with my pain doc. that went fairly well. for the first time out of the last three appointments, i did NOT go in there crying. ugh. i hate it when that happens. sems that was a depression attack from hell thing i had goin on. i recently had the med change i mentioned- going from generic to name brand meds.. made a real big difference in how i feel. i was really sad -- a lot, for a few weeks runnin. a few days on the better med? i feel ok. much better. the doc asked "howya doin"?
i said, i'm least i'm not gonna cry."
she said "good. -- correcting herself quickly--"it would be ok if you did. but i'm glad you're feeling better".
i like her.
i actually see her-- and a man doc too. the man one is the main one..he's the 'surgeon'. who does the procedures etc. and i see her mainly for the med management etc, and to see how i'm doin. i like them both. they seem to really enjoy their jobs and what they do, and they sincerely care for their patients. i am sooooo NOT used to that.
so anyhow-- i told her what's been goin on, how things have been worse and NO better. she suggested what i feared. goin back in and 'tweaking things". (her words, not mine.) ugh. please help me. that would be one of two things. either another rhizotomy. -- only on a different nerve-- or set of nerves. oh how i dread the the thought. ---- or-- maybe simply another 'cervical facet injection'. which i have also had before-- that did little to no good.
i don't know what to do-- i just know that i have to do something. i cannot continue this way. it's just too much. too bad. too often.

i got a phone call this morning already-- from some physical therapy place-- referred by the pain doc. i of course refused. some of you may remember the last time i attempted PT??? about a year or so ago? geesh. it damn near killed me. i really tried. but it did more harm than good. and most of you knew that i wouldn't last before i did. so yep-- i told the lady this morning-- ummm, NO. thanks, but no thanks. tell him it does more harm than good, and i respectfully decline. my body, my pain, my decision, my choice, my NO. thanks, and click.

so. what else? oh i know. are y'all ready for a new movie review? we're goin to see the blind side tonight .--- this one-- with sandra bullock in it---

it looks like it will be an excellent movie-
and i hope we won't be disappointed.
we've been waitin weeks for this to come out.

my review will be up tomorrow sometime. also, tomorrow is soulmans' birthday -- give the ole man a shout out if you so desire. he has to work all day.. so i'm thinkin we will go ahead and do the ole celebration thing tonight, since he is off today. perhaps dinner before the movie. he's been droppin hints about a watch he wants , for weeks... but even tho i say 'send me the link... send me the link... over and over-- do you think he has sent me the link??? nooooooo. he has not. so guess what he gets for his birthday? yup -- underwear!!!! bwa hahahhahahahahahaha

ahhhhhh. i love that man.

y'all have happy fridays in your worlds today peeps--
i plan to-