Wednesday, January 6, 2010

it's only been a day- do you really miss me?

howdy folks-- i had no idea i was missed. perhaps if y'all would speak to me , i'd know these things.
anyhow-- i told ya - i was gonna be busy - again. i am trying to get my life back. but yeh, again i ask you-- how do ya think that's workin out?
you're right. not too well.
i'm doin ok. accomplishing more today than the last couple. but still... not as much as i need or would like to.
my car registration and inspection are still not done. i do have new tires-- which y'all know, was my original excuse for procrastinating this little -- ok, big , task. but -- it has been flippin free-zinG here. 30's and 40's for highs. for me, it may as well be 40 below. so. as for anything that i have to do away from home? it just aint gettin done.
i do what i have to , as far as gettin soulkid where she has to be... but as for anything else out there? not happenin. and i don't expect any results other than that for the rest of the week.
the flippin news is only depressing me further EVERY day-- with their 'threats' of this arctic frickin blast'!.
for almost a week, it's all they talk about . warn us about.
'oh it's gonna be colder than it's been in texas in over 15 years.
when they joke-- they say -- colder than it's ever been, or colder than it's been in a hundred years.

y'all KNOW, that does NO good for me. just the thought of being THAT cold (sub-zero temps-they say) -- only makes me lethargic, depressed , and worthless.

bleh. i hate it. and it hasn't even 'got here' yet. just the thought-- the fear of it, has me paralyzed . i feel like i'm preparing for a funeral. my own, perhaps. just kill me.
that's how much i hate the cold.

the damn weather guessers are even goin so far as to say that the schools are already considering closing for the next couple days. my gawd. fear of ice-- or buses not bein able to run or be warm or whatever . heating schools all that crap.
ya know what? i HOPE they DO shut the schools-- cuz i don't wanna go out in that shit. lemmee tell ya. scraping ice? NO thanks.
i just was not bred for cold weather. it is not in my blood to be cold. i don't believe in reincarnation--- but if i did-- i would have to say, that i was a slave on some friggin hot ass plantation somewhere that never got below 75 degrees.
cuz this cold ass shit just aint my thing.
even for fun--- once upon a time i thought i might like to snowboard-- or ski-- or something.... forget it! i was like 6 or 7 when i had my first-- and last snowmobiling experience--- i remember crying when i lost my mitten... i was so cold.
then when i got older and thought of the snowboarding etc-- i remembered that-- and knew it would simply be a bad investment.

hmmm, this just reminded me of the camping story i don't think i ever finished telling. i mentioned it once-- again, whilst bitching about the cold-- but can't remember if i ever told it. haha. -they laughed at me- :))
while i cried in the freezing , leaking tent! :((

so. anyhow--- lots been goin on here lately- it feels like a week has past since i wrote-- funny it's only been a day. bleh.

lemee see if i can cut it short for ya- i know i've already written a book.
oh hell, i don't even know where to begin here. senile ya know.

well, here ya go-- in no particular order-
in the last 48 hours-

- Murphy's law has moved in with us-

and left me in need of a band aid for my world-
well, not just me-- the entire soul clan
we have each been screwed by circumstances -- some, beyond our control-
but y'all know me--
"the fixer of things" so i am a wreck, trying to save the soul-world.
(in a day)

i bet i have your interest now?
but who do i start with?

me? sure, cuz i'm easy. the only thing i'm dealing with is everything-- and everybody-- and trying to cover some asses, fix things i prolly shouldn't even bother with-- but i will, because that's what i do. surprisingly, i'm pretty good at it too.
and i'm still trying to get things done-- or even started. but with the new things of the past day or so-- i kinda hit a detour.

however---- i am , as we speak, washing my laundry! y'all just don't know how long i have put that off. tomorrow, i'd be nekkid, that's how long i've put off my laundry day. that's a little sad in it's own way. no matter what kind of excuse i try to come up with-- that one comes down to simple LAZY COW.

so - who's next? soulman? his truck? yep-- you guessed it-- the batteries aren't what's wrong with it. is it EVER simple with us? you know it aint.
nope , not the batteries. couldn't be as easy as a couple replaced on warranty batteries for us. no. it's some complicated , expensive repair-- in which, when ya add the tires he needs-- and the front end work plus brakes? we are lookin at possibly 2000.00 PLUS. to FIX his truck. so much for the bubba mobile.
looks like we will be buying a 'new/used' truck -- very soon.
why put all that damn money into repairs on an 02-- when he can get a newer vehicle with less than that as a down payment. bleh. just kill me. it's doable. but- of course, we're lookin at a higher payment. the payments i make already on what we have makes me ill already. now we may have to pay an additional 100 a month if he gets a newer truck.
but-- on the bright side-- the bubba mobile has been starting without getting jumped since monday-- so far. but the stress of it not???? that's another story.
so yeh, when he first started talkin about gettin another truck and a higher payment-- y'all know my money phobia-- i went into a panic- instantly-- but i'm better now. i think.
i get a new gray hair every day-- but i'm fine.
btw-- for those who don't know-- i usually avoid the word fine-- because in acronym terms--
fucked up

tada---- sums me up quite well-- dontchya think :))

so anyhow--- wanna know what's up with my child? which , as we all know-- always includes me.
well... i told ya she started drivers ed. on monday night.
well, there's a particular 'form' they need from the school -- before they can get their drivers permit--- which they need to have before they can drive with the instructors at the driving school. well--- how do ya think that went, when i tried to get the form yesterday? which, by the way--- is based on attendance---- or should i say-- lack there of.
AFTER i have already paid the driving school--- i might add.
soulkid was denied her form... because she has had too many absences.
BULLSHIT. that's what i say.

so- yup, she's walkin the thin line. and i have til TOMORROW - to get this crap straightened out at the school. do you think they are cooperating? nope. course not.
i spent hoooouuuurrrrsss yesterday going through my calendars trying to find all her absent days- and whys. the majority were due to dr appointments - or bein sick. and all were 'excused, by notes or calls by me. BUT NOT by dr. notes. so tell me why SHE should suffer cuz I screwed up.
i called and told the lady after i verified all her out days etc-- that i could get dr notes etc, that she did go to the dr- or was sick-- and sick days after this swine flu crap-- the news is STILL sayin not to take your kid to school if they're sick. nothin about a dr note-- when she's been sick since that stuff-- i don't want to take her to the dr-- around ppl WITH the flu. i want to see how she does for a day or two first. and i have- and she has gone back to school-- without seein a dr. that is like 4 or five out days. if they would just knock those off-- it would cover her.
they are only doin this cuz when your kid aint in their seat-- the school doesn't get their money. and that pisses me off.
so yup-- soul mamma is pissed off- and gettin dr records etc-- even tho-- they only accept them up to five days after the appointment-- i don't think they want to deal with me when i'm angry. they won't like me when i'm angry. ERG!

one more thing about my soulkid-- yesterday we thought she broke her foot-- or toe-- or something-- i had to take her for an x-ray,. not broke-- just bruised.
she got her gracefulness from me :))
actually that one's a toss up-- her dad is pretty clumsy too :))

ahhh-- i still haven't done his wanna see my scar post- bwa hahahahaha
i am amazed that man is still alive. i bet he wouldn't be if i didn't take such good care of him.

i don't know if i'm kiddin about that one or not. the man is lucky to have only half a finger missing. he almost lost his leg when he was like ten. what a brilliant guy.

pass the prozac folks

and be safe and happy in your -- hopefully calm- worlds today-