Wednesday, October 27, 2010

i don't know WTH to say wednesday

thoughtless. but here i am.  for your entertainment.  howya doin?  it's humpday!  yippee.  half way through the week.  isn't that special?  would y'all believe that i have ben busy all week.. well, today hasn't really started .. the busy has , but not the gettin out part.  i can't like it!  i might be gettin used to it.  but i don't like it.  gettin out i mean.  perhaps it's a 'fake it til ya make it' kinda thing, for now.  i know it's good for me.  especially the walking and the sunshine, and the bein forced to communicate with real people outside of my family type stuff.  but man i tell ya.  y'all know by now... i really would rather stay right here where i'm at.  inside my house.. away from people.  away from traffic.  away from anyone, and everything.  just me and my stuff, my pets, my people, myself.  it was- is gettin so bad - i haven't even been goin fishin.  and this is the last of the last good weather days.  WTF is wrong with me?   don't answer that. :))   i already know.  i know the 'real' answer.. and i know half a dozen sarcastic ones too.  but really.  it still doesn't make me 'want' to go or do anything.   

my girl still doesn't have her drivers license.  ugh.  i can't blame her for that tho.  i could. but i won't.  i do anyhow-- but i shouldn't :)).. on the days that i have free that we could go take her road test ?  she usually will tell me she isn't ready.  or she doesn't feel good.  well?  funny thing is?  on those same days?  i don't feel good either -- or i just don't wanna 'go' anywhere.  especially to a small FULL frickin government office, and wait in line etc, and then wait even longer -- and longer for her to wait and then to drive.  ya know?  so-- my bad i reckon.

but -- always a "but" - right?  BUT .. she really needs her license.  and i need her to have it.  like last week.  not only because i don't like to get out and all that.. but also cuz betwen her school, and appointments, and my appointments and errands?  at this rate...  i'm goin somewhere almost every day. and here? it takes hours to go anywhere.. much less two or three somewheres.   then.... once she gets a job?  it'll be even worse-- for me.   why the kid doesn't want her license-- i will never understand.  but she better get it soon. 

the surgeon finally called yesterday to schedule my surgery 'consult'.  i don't know why i thought i'd just waltz in and get surgery.  but i did.  not gonna happen.  i have to pick up my MRI films -- why doesn't the dr do that??? bleh.  then i have an appointment on NOV 2 for the consult - to see if and when i shall have this done. 

i am soooo anxious to get it.  in a good way.  this is the only thing that i have had any real hope in for any bit of pain releif in ages.  i mean that would last for any length of time ya know.  i don't know many people -- y'all know that.  most people i know - live in the computer  :))   in fact even a couple of the ones i know who had this surgery do... but i or hubby know a couple in 'real life' who have had it too.   and all have had good results with it.  and none have died. :))  so i really want to try it. 

especially after last night.  geesh - it was another fun filled evening.  sure it was.  i woke up every damn fifteen minutes dying in pain.  i'm lucky i didn't overdose on pain pills - but i did have my wits about me to watch the clock and not take em too close together.  finally i moved to the couch/recliner... then i only woke up maybe every half hour or so... kill me?  somethin has got to give.  i can't keep livin this way.  i'm sure it was pay-back for just tryin to have fun and play with my kid during the day.

she had an appointment - so after that she wanted lunch-- of course.  but i didn't mind -- we had fun-- she tried alligator tail.. first time since she was 2 or 3 (in florida). she didn't remember eating it-- so wanted to try it again.. she loved it!  and i love that she is finally trying and enjoying new things.

then after lunch we went to a halloween store and goofed around some.  then had to go fill her rx.. and we had to wait for it -- cuz i was not even about to go home and go back out an hour later.  so there was another half hour or so on my feet .  it was hell. but we were havin fun , so i  tried to not let the pain show.  and we did have a good day. 

wanna see part of it?

first is me and my new boyfriend -- until officer soulkid came and arrested him ! :))

so ---  today she has school.  i have to kill two hours 'somewhere' by myself.  then pick her up.  usually we have lunch somewhere afterwards, sometimes play around  or go junk storin or something.  so we will see what we do today.  the part i hate the most is the bein by myself -- in downtown - ish ft worth.  the not so great part of it.  i'll just wear my kick your ass hat .  think that'll help any???  bah!
it's not that bad.  i aint skeered.  been over there a dozen times -- no one has bothered me yet.  funny-- i usually get robbed close to home -

catch you folks latah -- i gotta go rattle sloth jr's cage!