Friday, January 4, 2008

yep - it's still friday....(and more)

just thought i'd pop in again, to let y'all know that i am a tired , lazy person. just in case you haven't heard.
i did cross a few things off my list, and i did go and mail my oh so late rent---- and.... i found the deal of a lifetime when i went to staples. get this--- i went to staples to buy a calender... and i left with a calender AND FOUR area rugs! they were on clearance. for fifty bucks each. nice ones. i said holy crap, and snagged em. well not really, i asked some kid that worked there to snag em for me. so he did. but man.. now maybe i won't have to listen to friggin midnight tap dance all night in my bedroom. geesh that drives me insane. her fingernails on the wood floor. i don't know why hers is so much more annoying than sushis but it is really bad.
so anyhow...
just thought i'd share that with ya.
and i think i shall go take a nap. because i am full, and lazy, and tired, and well, because i am cold and i want to go to bed.
see y'all later... well maybe... it is friday and seems to be pretty slow in blogland today.
but i will cruise around later anyhow.


that was a reallllyyyyy BAD idea.
first , my tv decided to grow a mind of its own... and turn itself off... then on again. several times. and i have a very real fear of tv's catching on fire--- because i had an uncle actually die in a fire caused by a tv ... back in the 80s. he was asleep and his tv burned the whole house up--and him... maybe my aunt too-- i don't remember-- oldy might. (do you)???

so anyhow... i was just chillin and the cable people came to bury the cable line---- and take a guess what happened..... somehow they screwed up my friggin sattelite !!! i went out and told em... guess what they did... they left! yep--- it's a weekend.... we are gonna have NO tv.... all weekend. lovely. and i cannot find a local phone number for the cable company-- they were contractors anyhow. ugh.

so. guess i'll wash my dishes now.

see ya later peeps

my laptop is humming a tune i do not know

what the hell? i have some stupid anti-virus thing on here, and it is constantly updating. i do mean constantly. ok.. not constantly.. but very frequently. and it is very frustrating... irritating even. like a bad rash. i finally took out my wrath on hubby this morning.. as if it were his fault that i have some sort of obsessive compulsive virus scan on my computer. he said he would look at it later. so hopefully he can time it to do it's damned updating... when i am not updating. erg.

so anyhow. today is friday. all that means to me is a).. it is one of my buddies favorite days... and b).. the soul clan will be home for a couple days--again---already. hmmmm. i suppose that means i need to include a C now. c) since the clan will be here again, already, this means that i need to clean my sty. i have fallen behind this passed couple or four days.. just as i was beginning to brag on how well i was doing with the place. i guess i totally exhausted myself the other day clearing out my crap room, and have been pretty damn sore ever since. then yesterday i had a lot of outside errands to catch up on, and by the time i got home--- i was toast. i did nothing. i even called soulman and had him bring some mcdonalds home.

so.... i need to pay my five day late rent today... i suppose i will have to mail it overnight mail. this is our first rent payment-- and here it is late. not the only late bill going out this week. wth is wrong with me? i spent a few hours yesterday morning FINALLY sorting my bills and mail stackage. omg. i was truly in bill hell. i even had a two MONTH old water bill from my OTHER house we just moved from. i never pay my utilities late. other things i forget about or whatever... but my utilities and rent??? i think i'm just gettin altzheimers . do they have tests for that? my memory is shot. worse than ever lately. maybe it wasn't the meds. maybe i'm just really losin it.
or maybe i just don't give a damn scarlet.

but anyhow... i do have things that i need to get caught up on. so i best be runnin along. :))

hope you all have happy fridays... and happier weekends !