Wednesday, April 16, 2008

sleepy slothy soul

mornin folks---

i finally slept last night! like a normal person... like the sloth that i am. woo hoo ! i slept all night long (11-630-ish) and woke up feeling like i actually did sleep. seems like forever since that has happened. i'm wondering now, if i have a harder time sleeping with soulman gone than when he is here. cuz i have noticed that before-- the last time he was gone all night. might have somethin
to do with worrying about soulkid--and sleeping to hard to hear her if she needed me, or if somethin happened ya know. but anyhow (have you ever realized just how difficult it is to try to write when someone is walking all over the house -over and over , and talking-- constantly-- ugh-- i cannot concentrate, for nuthin.. ugh)-- oh, yes, i do speak of soulman here-- he's on a mad search for his x-box battery pack.. and talkin about everything.. from fish, to sinus headaches.. "God love him". :))
ok-- anyhow, where the hell was i ??? who knows? anyhow-- i slept like a baby last night-- but i do think i slept "wrong", cuz my neck feels like i pinched a nerve. but hey--at least i don't think i will be needin a nap in an hour. man i hate days like that.

hmmm.. what next?
oh-- soulman DID get our 07 taxes fired off last night. woo hoo!! we will be gettin a small amount of cash from uncle sam for that--- but-- as for 06? we should prolly hold on to the 07 money to cover our ass for that one. it'll cost a few hundred just to file them.. plus i have a bad feeling we will owe money that year , AND perhaps a penalty fee for being oh so very late in filing. regardless-- we gotta get those out of here asap.

oh--- and my TOOTH--

i got that fixed yesterday--- it wasn't as easy as i had hoped or thought it would be. but hell-- is ANYTHING? EVER ??? holy crap. of course i had thought that i would go in, get it glued back on , and be out of there. did it happen that way? well no. of course not. it-- my own tooth-- hurt too bad to even touch.. at all. so of course they had to numb it up. i thought i might have a cavity-- it just really hurt .. bad . but - no cavity-- just sensitive for whatever reason. so it takes half an hour to get numb. then he goes to put the crown back on.. and somehow, the gum-line there had already started to grow... so the crown wouldn't set right--- take a wild guess what they had to do to fix that problem. it was surely unexpected by me--- not only that-- something i had never even heard of--- and you know it's CUZ I AM ME.
they had to BURN the damn gum line around the area of the tooth where the crown had to go. yep-- with a lazer-- or so he called it-- BUT i saw flame! small.. but flame nonetheless. oooh scary. thank God i was numb. i couldn't feel any of it-- or thank God smell it-- burning flesh--- ohhhhh. but i did hear it-- pop pop pop .. very strange. but anyhow--- once he did that-- he was able to put it back on.. and i was outta there-- and it only took over an hour there and over an hour driving time. it's prolly not the most brilliant thing in the world to have your dentist be thirty miles away in this area.. with traffic--- but i don't like change-- and he has been my dentist for years.. so.. it's worth the drive. plus i like to tease hubby about "the cute dentist". he has never even seen him, and he hates him :).

speakin of hubby-- when i got home from the dentist he was home. it was good to see him, and his sunburnt self :)) he always burns-- poor guy with that red headed fair skin. he doesn't have "red hair" but he has that skin of a red head.
my tongue was like six inches thick from the Novocaine, plus i was sooo thoroughly exhausted, from not sleeping, driving, and the traffic, not to mention every time i get Novocaine it by itself makes me tired. so i wasn't very talkative-- i could hardly talk even when i tried to. at first, he took it personally that i wasn't ecstatic and chatty that he was here-- but once he heard me talk-- he understood and gave me time for my mouth to wake up. which took like another hour. ugh i hate that feeling.

also, when i got home-- i found out that my "baby" was out walking around-- up at the shopping center with her new "boyfriend" . i knew he was coming over-- but it's still just weird to me. she has had boyfriends before-- but that was when she was younger-- and really i didn't think too much about it. ya know. she was a kid. now she's 14. ugh.
the boy is actually a nice kid, and polite etc. little on the skinny side-- and a vegetarian. --- now i know where all the vegetarian talk is coming from when soulkid tries to go veggie on me. lol. BUT the thing about that? the girl doesn't eat vegetables ! seriously. so even when she does attempt it-- it only lasts a few days before she realizes she's starving to death ! LOL.

so anyhow--- i spose that's the update in soulland for now.

oh.. cept for THIS :

look what i found while hunting down a sloth photo----

Tree Sloth Charm

Tree Sloth Charm

This whimsical sloth charm was inspired by Marty's trip to Costa Rica where she watched them lazily sleeping in the trees. Marty designed this charm to hang from the chain in the same fashion that these amazing creatures often hang from the branches. The charm is 3/4" long and is completely three dimensional.

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i must have it !!!!