Wednesday, August 20, 2008

wednesday wandering

i really did --- so, let's start with THIS - it's the next closest song to suit me since-- "look what the cat dragged in : by Poison - in the 80's lol --

as far as anything else -- for now???
i'll have to think for a few...

maybe after i get some new coffee-- ahhh, that's mo bettah--

but, apparently, i still got nuthin new--

except one thing--
or two-- if i decide to post the second--

but first--

last night--
or evening i should say, before soulman got home from work...

(age 7 ish)

decided to pee a friggin LAKE in my kitchen....
POOP in my office!

of course i cleaned it up--
and i wasn't very happy about it either.
but i guess it was my own fault, cuz i did fall asleep, so i wasn't up to put her out.
so, when soulman gets home, we're sittin on the couch, and i was telling him about
what eevee had done, while at the same time, trying to haul my stiff ass out of my chair,
and hobble off to the other room....

as im trying to limber up a little - he says
"you gotta remember , she's gettin old too."
"oh, gee, thanks a lot dear. --- TOO?"
he had a real hard time gettin out of that one.
the best he could come up with was,
"not YOU, i meant Midnight, she's an old lady like Midnight."
suuuuuure--- Midnight was TWICE her age."

(age 14-ish)

there was no saving himself.
i know as he watched me limp off to the other room,
he saw me as OLD, and that was a Freudian slip-
if i've ever heard one.

at least he TRIED to cover it up.
i got a good laugh out of makin him feel bad for it--
but it sure did NOTHIN for my ego.

and so with that--
and almost and hour of screwin around on google-
(and other pages- cuz i'm ADD like that :))
i spose i shall go for now-

happy humpday - i think - to y'all
yep- it is.
geesh-- one of these days my sleep pattern will be normal again.. i hope-
and i will keep my days straight.
but the way it is-- i just don't know anything right now.

oh-- but here is a rare photo of SPOT -
the stealth cat-
she's always hiding somewhere.
sometimes at night if i'm in my room alone she will come
and lay with me and let me pet her,
but too many people- or animals upset her-
so she spends her life in hiding-
or attacking eevee.
(anybody want her? :))

so anyhow-- y'all have great days today
if i get my work done, and it doesn't rain all day-
i just may go fish a while-
but i bet they won't bite after two or three days of rain.
so i don't know.

see? i don't know nuthin.

there is only 4 and a wake - up til school starts !!!!

woo hoo !!!!!