Thursday, August 12, 2010

my new first post ! welcome folks !

ola y'all! have ya missed me? i been goin insane not bein able to blog for so long. (shaddup- i hear you already - no it wasn't a long trip) :))
and you know my memory... every day i have had tons to blab about -- and no where to put it all. finally after what has to be at least a couple, maybe a few weeks, my sis tells me on the phone - why fight all these problems? just see if you can open a NEW blog. it was like the angels sang ! it also made me feel very very stupid. just in case i had to inform you. it did. i have spent the last two hours trying to figure out how to move my other blog to this one -- obviously, i have failed at that mission. sad to say. if anyone can help me in that area , please do. my daily , if not hourly fear, is losing the contents of "soul survivor". -- if you don't already have it linked - i'll get that on here soon as i can, cuz today -- have you guessed? my computer is on hallucinogenics !!!!!!! making me wish that i could be too. hey. just for a minute. i don't do that kinda thing. and y'all know- even if i did, it would be a total waste of time and money - cuz well aside from that - cuz i never tried it -- but drugs do nothing for me. bummer huh?

anyhow-- i better go for now-- just wanted to try this out - and let y'all know i'm still breathin. and also that i feel horrible for those of you that i have neglected or lost contact with. i have done the best i could with what i got-- which is my iphone. and ya know i'm blind. so it aint much.
just know i miss you all like crazy -- and i really hope i can get my blog back in one piece . i feel soooo alone.

talk to me peeps ! even if you think i can't - i CAN see you - sometimes i just can't talk back to ya <3 X0