Thursday, March 4, 2010

vote for baby brodie -- i insist :))

Parents Photo Faves

vote for Brodie !!!

(click on photo faves - his pic 'should come up'
since i already voted it looks all weird so i don't know if it works or not-- so someone let me know please -- so i can take it down if it doesn't work.-
if it does work-- it is supposed to take you directly to his photo on the contest , where you click his photo to vote for him to be on the cover of parents magazine!!! i think his mamma -- janelle -- jamies daughter - gets a pretty good lump a coal -- i mean, cash as well. and we all know a baby -- and one on the way could sure use that, right?

so give it a shot-- give brodie your vote -- and again, let me know if this works or not-- so i can tweeak it - or remove it. ok?

thanks folks --

have terrific days in your worlds today --
i'm gonna try--
the news keeps teasin us out here-- they talk of snow-- but then we get sunny 55-60 degree days -- i likee !!!