Thursday, August 2, 2007

i've been adjusted !!!

takin someones advice and going to adjust my attitude :))

so far, today hasn't been too bad. i must admit i can't force myself away from this doctor resentment though. it's not just the one i had the tag thing with yesterday. that just dug it all up. so i am just stewing in a pot of memories and incidents of the past twelve years of crappy dr's. sso few that could be considered even somewhat good at what they are trained for. ugh.

so anyhow... y'all don't need to hear just helps me to spew sometimes.

i did accomplish some things today...which is good. cleaned my kitchen, did my dishes, laundry, bedroom, livin room, and cooked a good dinner...again. didn't manage to get my calls and stuff done. i don't know why it's so hard for me to pick up the damn phone. i have put off these phone calls for a month...and they are pretty darn important. hmmmm. phone-o-phobia?

anyways... on to the attitude adjustment... i almost forgot all about that part. my senile! i'm gonna go fishin at the pond with hubby in a few minutes. also gonna get a candy bar on the way. i have been craving a candy bar since last night. PMS does that to me. usually i don't eat much sweet stuff. but i want chocolate!

soooo what are y'all doin today-tonight? anything good or bad happen to anyone? anything extremely wonderful that you just must blab about???
tell me about your day...

i hope y'all are having good days/nights

more random shit about me... a meme if you will :)

I know ~ enough to get by

I believe ~ in GOD

I fought ~ too damn hard to get where I am

I am angered ~ by doctors and government systems almost equally

I love ~ my God, my family, my pets, and the people I consider my friends.

I need ~ to get the hell out of debt and stay that way, and a bit more patience in life

I take ~ way too much shit from people, before I speak up.

I hear ~ very poorly

I drink ~ too much coffee and tea

I hate ~ having to see doctors that don’t know…or do shit.

I use ~ hmmmm. The coffee pot first thing every morning

I want ~ a knowledgeable, understanding freakin doctor.. but I don’t think any exist

I decided ~ that today is not a good day to quit smoking…I’m entirely too bitchy

I like ~ my blog pals!... and fishing!

I am ~ a bit of a prude…and a bitch

I feel ~ pretty crappy lately.

I left ~ a lot of people and places behind in my life

I do ~ more than I should. sometimes.

I hope ~ this crap will get better someday

I dream ~ of peace in my life...physical, and emotional..for me and my family.

I drive ~in a state of confusion.

I listen ~ intently ... most of the time...when i can hear.

I type ~ better than i write!

I think ~ entirely too much for my own damn good!

I wish ~ things would smooth out, and just be normal and right for a change.

I compensate ~ for for just about everything with sarcasm , when i can

I regret ~ too much.

I care ~ too much.

I should ~ definitely learn moderation. in everything. money, food, smoking, all of it.

I am not always ~ "with it".

I said ~ more than I needed to. cuz i just cannot shut up!

I wonder ~ about everything.

I changed ~ a lot in the passed ten years. and not so much for the better

I cry ~ less than i used to..

I am ~ a bitch, but i hide it well most of the time.

I am not ~ as assertive as i wish i could be.

I lose ~at most battles i get in.

I leave ~ before i get left...usually.