Sunday, January 30, 2011

i've been skewered.....

stick me with a fork... i am soooo done.  burnt.  fried.   toast. i wish i could say i was 'finished'.  but that is not the case.  i still have tons to do, but this body of mine sure is sore, and done. kaput. finito. ruined. wrecked belly-up, burned out, wiped out  ... ok - i'll stop.   but i am DONE.  stick a fork in me - done.  BLEH....

i did get a chance to go outside and play a little the other day.  the sun was shining, it was a beautiful day out, so i went fishin.  i didn't catch anything, but it was still just nice to be outside for a while in the fresh air and sunshine for a couple hours.  i didn't really try very hard to catch anything, it was fun just to be by the water in my kind of weather.

yesterday though, soulman had to go pick up a few things, and on his way home he made a pit stop at 'his' pond....  he put forth more effort than i did, aside from bein at a different body of water --- and looky what he dragged in --  dawg.  :))  -- that's his size 13 shoe next to it ---

                                                          i was only a little jealous :))

tomorrow is supposed to be another real nice weather day -- high 60's.  i'm hopin we can take a few minutes and enjoy some of it... otherwise, it's another kill ourselves around here day.  we're makin progress -- spring cleaning , purging stuff on out of here, - soulman built a dining table -- kinda -- i'll show ya next time,  just a lot of work goin on.  i'm only good for a few hours in the morning - then i'm ruined by 3 or so.  but we're gettin there. 

be good peoples -