Monday, January 4, 2010

back to the real world today

hiya peeps-

what's goinin on in your worlds today?

mine? hmmm. seems to be quite a lot for the time of day it is. good lawd. i've been 'up' since like 130 this morning. soulman came to bed at about 12:30, and i woke up with him laughing at me, whilst taking my picture! again. he has a strange sense of humor, i'll tell ya. he has one particular video of me after i fell asleep --- well... sleep eating. haha. he had the gall to show it to audrey -- like a month after i begged , and thought he had deleted it. it's so embarrassing !! there i am - a dish of ranch on my bed table-- baby carrot in my hand-- IN the dish of ranch-- and yup- you guessed it-- sleepin like a baby.
good lord. i just figured it would be safer than smokin in bed--- well, til i saw the damn video-- and realized just how painful, if not deadly-- choking on a baby carrot in your sleep might be.

so yeh. last night- he comes to bed, i'd been asleep for a couple hours by then. i remember i was dreamin about 'somethin' - no idea what-- and i was movin my legs all over the place :)) so the movement has me half awake anyhow--- i open my eyes-- and what do i see? yes--- soulman , standin next to the bed-- gigglin like a schoolboy-- snappin my photo-- of God knows what- running? swimmin? bikin? triathaloning?
who knows? but i wasn't happy about it.
you know he was though. sometimes that's what counts i reckon.

i thought i was done for-- usually when i wake up after a deep sleep -- that's it, and i'm just up. but he was gettin such a big laugh out of this i couldn't resist to not be mad. so i just asked him what was so darn funny anyhow?
he said he had come in there quite upset, and seeing me all nutty made him laugh, and he needed it.
so of course i sat up and turned on the lamp to talk and find out why he was upset.
wondering.. WTH, he was fine when i went to bed. ya know.
so what happened was he had thought about work tomorrow, and then his truck!
it was just a couple days ago that we had to call AAA out to jump start it . (we tried to use my car once-- FAIL-- almost had two dead vehicles).

he had remembered it hadn't hardly been driven since he has been on vacation-- almost a full two weeks. give or take a day or two. so he went out -- i think on friday or saturday to go somewhere-- and it wouldn't start. hmmm. peachy. i just told him, hell it's been freezin, and hasn't been started, just let it get a good charge, drive it, etc etc , blah blah blah. he did all that, and all was well--- til--- yup-- midnight last night, when he decided he better see if it was gonna start. did it? nope.

so he was all pissed off about that, worried about how to get to work in the morning etc.
i got him chilled out a little -- told him he would have time to get AAA out in the morning if he called early, and he'd be fine. ok. ahhhh/ let's go to sleep.
hmmm. how do ya think that worked out?
yeh. it didn't. well, i don't know about him, but i fell back to sleep-- after a pain pill cuz my back was in knots. maybe that helped. but about an hour later, i woke up again-- and i got this bright idea- i was gonna take HIS picture. haha. paybacks are a bitch.
well, i looked over at him--- and -- yikes-- he was still awake. he almost scared me.
i hadn't looked at the clock, so i'm thinkin it was like 3 o'clock or so. found out it had only been about an hour, and he said he just couldn't get to sleep.
so, i offered to make him some hot tea, to help him relax a little, that everything was gonna be ok-- even if i had to keep the truck and get it jumped myself. he would get to work, and the kid would get to school, and there really wasn't much to worry about-- aside from exchanging the batteries-- that still have like ten months left on the warranty.
so he agreed, we got up, i made him tea-- y'all, this isn't something i do on a regular basis-- but i'll tell ya-- i felt good to finally be taking care of him-- again-- for once.
well, he drank his tea, surfed the net, blabbed a little with me-- and he was able to go to sleep.
sweet dreams soulman.

me? i been up ever since. and would you believe i STILL have that damn migraine from yesterday? well, i do. it did go away in the morning yesterday.. after imitrex and xanax.. and a three hour 'nap' on my office couch. but not long after i was up-- it came back-- i spent the better part of the rest of the day-- and night-- in my bed-- awake, then asleep, then awake, and so on. it really sucked. especially after all that i had said about not giving in to the pain. i spose i hadn't considered damn headaches tho. damn, they piss me off. i accomplished nuthing. again.

oh well, maybe today.
i will be alone in my own house all day. first time in almost two weeks. i really do accomplish more alone. when people are here, i just can't motivate. that's not new for me. i have always been that way. even with jobs. i just work better alone.

so there's my plan -

get soulkid to school and drivers Ed today - first day for her.

make sure hubbby makes it to work and gets the battery situation fixed.

and for me-- get caught up on all that i have -- ok.. what i can of what i have, neglected for what feels like forever.

i am also gonna try and make an appointment for another shot in my back. the ones in my neck don't do much of anything. but when i got that last one in my low back-- it did wonders for my legs and low back. that was like three and a half months ago-- sure has been a bitch this past week or two-- so yup i need to get in there and get another one and just hope i go another three months or so with less leg etc problems.

seems i have the rest of it under control with the meds at this point. that feeling of killer bees attacking me has finally gone away. now it's just p-a-i-n. i can deal with that-- but i want my legs back. dammit.

on that note-- i am outta heah--
lots to do- lots to plan--
nothin at all against my family-- y'all know i love em to pieces - but really, i'm ready for my own time and schedule to be back too.
i think all of us are ready for that. even though we all kinda dread the 'change' of tomorrow. it's always hard to get back into a routine after so much time of kinda doin nuthin. or whatever ya want.
y'all know that i'm sure.

anyhow-- i have a little while before i gotta start rattlin this cage-- so i think i may hit some blogs while i wait.

hope you all have happy days in your worlds today

ore vois :))