Thursday, July 1, 2010

1052 posts, and 18 years of marriage - i'm toast !

cheers peoples !

how goes it? hopefully all is very well in your worlds today. i must say i couldn't have asked for better in soulland . well, i could have, but i won't. all went just fine. my day is ending with eightteen years of marriage completed without one night of separation in anger . i spose that might be sayin somethin in this day and age. at least it seems so anyhow. perhaps the ole soulman and i are in the 50 percent of the 50 percent that happens to stay married. ya think? i think so. whatever we've done up to this point seems to work, so i reckon we just won't mess with it, and see how the next eightteen years go. whaddayathink?

anyhow, no flags and whistles today for the anniversary babies. we got up , chillaxed a while. and just played the rest of the day by ear. no big plans or anything. we of course did end up on the lake for most of the day -- and as luck would have it -- we for only the second time in our married life , had another 'simultaneous fishasm' :))
perfect photo op for the big day - don't ya think? here - look --

obviously, not an easy task for soulman to hold a fish, take a pic, and kiss me at the same time, but it worked :)) - and the fishies even got to kiss too :))

later on i got a hybrid bass, (a cross between the striped bass and the white bass)

and right after that - soulman got hung up on a line wrapped around a stick - up out in the water. when he went to pull it in and get un-hung, he found that there was a live , and starving to death poor catfish on the line. we rescued the poor fella. i tried to take the hook out of his mouth, but i ended up gettin hooked -- owie -- so when we got the boat back over - the wind moved the boat -- i ended up cuttin the line. the hooks dissolve over time, just not sure how long. i hope he found some food. we felt bad for him.

have you ever seen an oompa loompa catch a fish ?

we both caught several fish, of course soulman out-fished me...again. he got this big boy at our last spot.

he's the man :))

after fishing , we thought we might go out to dinner -- later, we decided to eat leftover enchiladas from last night. made by el chef soulman :)) and we watched a movie on pay per view ' when in rome' - with soulkid. it was comfy and cozy at home just the soulclan for the night. i'm still recovering from vacation, but was happy to be on the lake today - with the man that i love.

soulkid has a friend over for the night - dying hair and doing girl stuff. they're funny.
i like bein a girl - mom. i think i'm still in training - but i'm gettin the hang of it :))

see you folks latah -- i'm old and i am outta heah