Monday, July 25, 2011

re-decorating my world -

hiya peeps -  how goes it in your world these days?  i hope all is well and good.
here?  well, not terrible.  that's a good thing , y'all know that.  you've heard me bitch and moan - or not say a word for quite a while lately.  with good reason.  at least i think so.  the most depressing crap can run through these fingers of mine sometimes, that even i hate to read it.  if you'll notice - i just drafted my last three posts.  they were demonic.  LOL.  well.. more of a HMMPH.  geesh.  man i'll tell ya.  it really has been a struggle for me since i fell on the boat and broke two ribs.. but it coulda been worse.  i know that now. and i also know that excuses and reasoning aren't in order.  i have felt the presence of God in my life more powerfully in these passed few weeks than i have in not so recent memory.  
i can't really explain in how many - or what kind of specific ways.  but i can tell you that my perception on my life has been entirely skewed for a very long time.  i'm pretty sure that you all knew that...  obviously it took some drastic measures for me, to see what everyone else has seen, but maybe didn't know how to tell me.  maybe some of you did -- and i didn't want to hear it.

anyhow -- i just wanted to check in and say hello to you folks.

hope you all have happy days in your worlds today -
i plan to