Saturday, July 17, 2010

i need a re-fill

i also need some friggin glasses, that i can see out of. geesh. maybe i'll actually make that appointment soon. seein as i'm goin to one dr. or another every other day lately anyhow. i really can barely see. i swear it gets worse by the week too. for several months i've been waitin for soulman to get his glasses before i get mine. has he got his yet? noops. he did get his prescription. just not his glasses. so, as i get more and more blind -- his rx, sits behind a magnet on the refrigerator door. i can't wait any longer. not one more week. monday -- ok maybe tuesday - due to the 'procedure' on monday... tuesday , if he hasn't done somethin-- or even if he has -- i have to make my eye appointment. my rx, is at least two or three years old -- trifocals -- and they just don't even come close to working anymore. i must get re-checked and get new glasses. it's not fun to be unable to see, read, do business, etc. especially when i have been filling out as many forms and such as i have been lately.

ok, i'll get moovin on now.

sorry for that last little rant -- but this friggin -explorer' font won't go big like mozilla. or if it does -- it goes back to small, every time i change anything. does it make me mad? you know it does. - tear-

do any of y'all watch the TV series Saving Grace? ever since i got Netflix a few weeks ago -- i have literally become addicted to that show. i had never watched it before. i got netflix, and have in a matter of maybe 3 weeks wiped out the ender first three seasons. i have one last disc on the way. it could have anywhere from one to four shows on it. the last disc on the last couple seasons had one or two shows on em. i hope this one will have more. i just can't get enough of that show. i think maybe in some way i can relate to 'grace'. i also think i have 'claimed my own Earl". recently -- like within the last day or two. go ahead call me crazy. i don't mean that i see or talk to an angel. not a 'real one' at least. but i did acknowledge 'my earl' walking into one of these damn appointments -- the one yesterday i think. i know mary, and jamie, and a couple others really can relate to all this medical shit. the questions, the waiting, the wondering, and the asshat doctors who honestly seem to not care- or notice what we as chronic patients of one thing or another actually live with on a daily basis-- and how a simple comforting answering -- good or bad -- just to be treated like an adult - and to be acknowledged that we are talking of our own body -- might be nice once in a while. why they treat our own lives as a secret sometimes isn't right. i've seem to come to realize , that as much as i hate it -- my answers lie and will be found on autopsy. therefore told soulman, have an autopsy -- but do not, under any circumstance, look at me afterwards. have me cremated. obviously i won't know if he does that-- but if he doesn't i KNOW in my heart -- he will regret it if he does.

OMG -- sorry.wanna know what i PLANNED on writin?

let's start over k?


what's up peoples.
my coffee's cold and almost gone. sure wish i had a minion to get me a re-fill :))
come on in and smoke with me !

anybody do anything last night?
we did. we took soulkid and soul-boy-toy -- that name is just no good --* note to self - find better bf name.
took them to dinner and a movie. good and fun evening. we ate at macaroni grill. and we watched ---- inception. with decaprio and ellen page - and many other 'stars' in it. it was - i hate to admit - a bit over our heads. we talked about it afterwards. it was a 'good' movie. it was just kinda -- i don't know -- scientific??? somethin like that. it was a thinkin movie. but it's worth seein, i guess. good special effects, and acting, of course. i don't know what to tell ya -- i spose since most my buds here are women? wait for the DVD? yeh. how bout that. save some money, but do see it.

ummm... now what? AHA-- i saw somethin in world market the other day when me and soulkid went bummin around town. last weekend? maybe? i wanted to buy it.. but i was flyin on the cheap that day, and i really thought it was over- priced. i immediately thought of my pal 'debbie' :))
i'm sure the damn pic is gonna post at the very top and not let me move it down here -- so i won't even upset myself about it -- so the monkey up top belongs HERE. so Debbie -- one day when i feel rich -- i'mm gonna get him for you :)) hope ya like him. i do !

anyhow folks . i had a rough nite sleepin last night -- have a feelin today will require a nap. i'm already thinkin i'm up before the birds so i may go pond fishin before it gets hot. of course my fuel light came on yesterday when i pulled into the driveway :(( that may change things. but maybe not- i could use somethin to drink, and have nuthin here. other than that? it's cleaning day at the soulcrib !! woo hoo !

hope y'all have happy saturdays !

and a very happy birthday to my eldest nephew -- he turns the big 3-0 today :))
benna benna benna - come sit on da poach !!!!!

i'll take a raincheck wez ... maybe in arkansas eh?
love you!