Friday, March 5, 2010

holy cow peeps--

sorry guys but i gotta re-run this post - this lil guy has jumped like a couple thousand spots in this contest !!! told ya he was adorable, didn't i? it let me vote again today, so click the parents photo link and vote early and vote often. he's in spot 122 at this point . i don't know about y'all, but that seems to me like that lil guy has a pretty good chance at winnin this thing. so go ahead , click it - and help brodie get his face on the cover of the rolling stone. oh nevermind-- that would be the cover of Parents Magazine. but hey, for a baby, and a mommy? that might as well be the rolling stone - dontchya think?

aside from that? i really have nuthin to report. other than to vaguely say that my own child played on my senility this morning. i can't believe i fell for it. hook, line , and sinker, i fell for it. i need a brain scan. really. i think i have finally crossed the line -- into true altzheimers land. really. people just don't do this. ugh. someone call the doctah.

and have a happy friday-

the sun is shinin here-- i hope it's shinin on you-

don't forget to vote-