Tuesday, April 29, 2008

just poppin in to say howdy (w/video -n-pic)

and also to say THANKS for all the birthday wishes !
it was a good day today. busy, but good.
we went about our days, and after everyone got home and chilled a while, we went out for dinner.
soulkid was happy, and very talkative.

HERE"S THE VIDEO (she only was singin the rappy faster part;
the first verse-edited, of course)

she even tried to teach me and soulman a song.
a hip - hop song of all things. :))
i had fun with it.. but soulman was too cool to sing along.
we didn't sing very loud of course, nor did we sing very long .. due to my senile .
she had to go with about four words at a time,
and it got a little tough.
but , it was fun , and it made all of us laugh.
she sang the song about five times all the way through .
she made my day today.
i love it when she's in a good mood :))

she knows how much i love pictures, and she brought her camera
to dinner, and OFFERED to take our picture !
(she refused to let soulman take it- she wanted to do it herself-
that's why half her face is missing :))

as for gifts -?
she and soulman got me a digital photo frame.
i love it- but i haven't seen how it works yet.
too busy today, but soulman is workin on it now.

my sis sent two snowbabies - i collect them.
one is only like 1 1/2 inches tall,
and the cutest thing ever ! (with my birthstone in the middle)

and jamie sent flowers. :))
really pretty spring lookin flowers.
they smell real nice too.

i didn't expect anything at all from anybody-
i usually don't cuz it's rare i get more than a card and dinner out.
so ya... this was a special birthday for me.
and the extra greetings and friends i have this year
that i didn't even know last year this time...
makes tonight a lot less depressing than last night when i thought about
my birthday has never bothered me before-- ever.
til this one.
but it's all good.

i hope you all had good days in your worlds...