Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I'M IN !

i'm on my laptop ! i'm on friggin explorer :(( but i'm in !

hello ! at this point this is just a test. i have no idea if it's gonna post - or even work at all. mozilla still won't work. i have no idea as to why it's doin me that way . it is like that on every computer in the house. (three). ugh. it's killin me. i've all but given up. it's kind of a nice break actually. or it would be - if it wasn't so damn frustrating. no thinkin - no pressure - no checkin for posts, messeges etc. but the fact that i can't do ANY type of editing on this thing -- not even to cut and paste when i screw up words - or if my cursor moves to the wrong place and i find i've written half a paragraph where it doesn't belong -- or my photos won't go where i want them to. ugh -- not to mention the fact that i have LOST everything. EVERYTHING - aside from photos - from my laptop this passed several days - in my million and twenty five attempts to fix the damn thing. that's the worst of this entire mess. all the stuff i lost. almost three years of medical research. videos. poems.. once again- bits and pieces of my DAMN book. it's crap. three years of my thoughts, research, memories- that y'all know i can't ever get back -- are GONE! it's just sad-- for me -- and through it all... the frickin laptop still isn't workin .

good part? i found out i do still have a short time -- like less than 60 days left on my warranty !

apparantly i can still get it fixed (maybe) by dell. just a matter of sittin on hold with them for 2 hours. i spose i shall be doin that sometime today. now that is some fun shit.

ok. i spose i'm more upset about this whole thing than i realized. maybe i should just go before i end up just bitch-festing again. i really don't mean to be a crybaby so much. bleh.

i do miss y'all. and once i get things settled around here-- computer probs, kid in school, trips all finalized, soulkids car bought - and drivers license fixed and gotten. (is that a word?) - ugh -- this isn't even to mention my body paralyzing - immobilizing to even think about - disaster of house to clean... omg- i have so much to do i can't stand it. but when i get back on track in life-- i'll be back to my old self - and boy do i have some stories to tell- pictures to show- videos to share (if i ever make em :)) -- this has been the busiest summer we've had in years -- that wasn't full of tragedy - or illness, police and hospitals. we have had a blast !!! i am sure ready for it to be over tho-- cool off, settle down, and get back to my slow, sloth, quiet, clean house havin, life :))

i'll catch yall latah -- hope you all are doin well -- have happy days in your worlds -- looks like i need a day off in mine-- but i have lots to do :))