Friday, October 16, 2009

runnin on empty

mornin folks-
yep-- it's mornin, at least for me. in fact, i just heard the final blurbs of the coffee pot-- i reckon i should go fill-er-up.
ahhh, that's better. why is it , that aspirin tastes better with coffee? it's almost like booze tastin better with a cigarette. in a way. not that i know-- at least not from recent memory. i mean i do remember. ugh. i'm tired. and i have a migraine. i was awake late-- for me. and up early-- obviously. i tried to go back to sleep, but ended up talkin to the cats, smokin, and watchin tv for about half an hour , before i gave in, and got up. at least i didn't throw in the towel the first time i woke up-- at 12:30. i made it to about 1:45. uuuughhhh. i'm already not lookin forward to this day. once again, i have tons to catch up on, and a dr appointment. all the bs that has been stressin me out lately has gotten to the point that i have actually been forced into makin a gastro appointment. i know-- i'm past due anyways. but i have been sort of symptom free up until this last couple months. seems about the time of the robbery-- and it worsened -- aggressively-- when a certain someone resurfaced in town. ugh my gawd. i swear. just to think about that kid makes me tremble, and nauseated. i don't think i have ever been so angry for so long with anybody in my life. really. not this way. this is a different kind of 'dislike'. i honestly think i may hate this guy. if it is at all possible for me to hate. i do. i have a physical reaction just hearing or speaking of him. and you don't even wanna know what happens when i 'see' him. i see his picture-- on my space -- ugh. i literally get stomach pains, flip flops, and sick feeling.
it's unbelievable .

so. obviously-- it looks like i need to find something else to talk about. what could that be??? well, for starters... where the hell is everybody?? i still seem to get 30-40 hits -- or visits-- to my page every day.... but very few of y'all have anything to say lately. what's up with that? who's wheaties did i pee in??
honestly-- far as i know-- no ones. if i've done or said anything-- someone should tell me--

well, what the hell else should i talk about?? not much. as you already know- i'm dying to go fishing. that may actually be a possibility today. but-- it depends on a couple things. one-- the weather. it's been a bit drizzly-- if not raining.. for several days. two- i really really have to clean my kitchen today -- lest i die. hubby offered yesterday-- but really, i meant to get to it-- i just got busy. so i told him i would do it today. so i have to. then, of course there's the possibility that i just may be clean wiped out-- due to my two or three hours of interrupted sleep. aaaaand---- that isn't even mentioning the fact that i have a dr (tummy) appt. at 130 this afternoon.

so. the day is kinda broken up anyways. and doesn't it fugure-- i'm gonna run outta smokes at any time. i have like 5 'good ones' left, and maybe half a pack of extra stale two week old ones that i got off brand just cus they were on sale. -- obviously i didn't like them. :(( so-- i have enough-- i hope to last til i take soulkid to school. after that -- i'll decide if i'm gonna clean-- or go fishin-- then i have to clean myself up and get to the dr. and maybe-- just maybe squeeze a nap in there somewhere. cuz by the time i'm done with the doc-- it'll be time to get the child from school.

how does an unemployed persons day get filled up so fast? if i had a real job i would surely be screwed. i am actually very busy most days. and ya just wouldn't know it from lookin at me-- or my house. ok-- the house actually looks pretty decent -- it could use some pics on the walls tho- :(( next week folks. that's my goal. apparently it's in my lap-- and i'm gonna do it. i'm hoping i'll be able to get my damn arms up and hold a picture frame by then. either that or i'll pay some-damn-body. i'm sick of nekkid walls !!!! soulkids boyfriend wants to quit his job cuz he doesn't get to see her enough-- hell, i have enough work to keep that kid employed for a year!!! :))

ok fine-- i'm bored too--
so-- i'll show ya some pix that me and the kid took the other day for her photo class. she took some of the statues-- these were extra--just for fun, since we were there.
i look like crap-- but i'm not so walrus-ee anymore--- and she just looks GREAT -- if you recall like last summer???

(could this be the only fishless pic of me on this whole blog?)
-- well, aside from my wedding pic?---

is it me, or is she beautiful?
i thought so :))
i do make pretty babies :))

happy friday peoples- some good movies come out today-- anyone gonna see any???