Saturday, November 22, 2008

birthdays mean nothing anymore

happy saturday folks---

wusshappenin in your world?

not lot here in mine.

it's cold. i got up too early for a saturday. i've had a headache for four days straight. and soulmans birthday plans went out the window last night. yep. i must say-- that was prolly the most un-happenin birthday either of us have had since we've met. even in our poorest of days we found ways to make somethin happen, or do somethin on birthdays etc. well, last night, we made plans to go to a nice dinner... but number one-- we were over hungry-- which makes me mean... and him too, just not as bad. then when we got to the place we were goin there was a line out the door. NOT. we decided he didn't wanna deal with the crowd, and me with my headache , didn't wanna deal with the noise of a saturday night out. we ended up at whataburger drive thru ! woo hoo!!
"happy birthday honey! enjoy your dinner, by the way--- i didn't have a chance to buy you a gift."

OR-- bake a cake-- but if i did --- i found the perfect one :))

is this what it's like as the years roll by in a marriage??? it really does seem that every year things like this get less significant. gifts have changed dramatically in price and significance. and it really doesnt matter to either of us. gotta be a sign of age. or something.

well, life is great, then ya get old and bitchy.
good thing love doesn't care.

happy saturday peeps!

ps--- soulman does say thanks to all who sent happy birthdays!