Friday, November 21, 2008

why is everybody always pickin on me?

oops, i did it again!

(no animals were harmed in the taking of this photo) :))

yep-- i did, do it again. i fell asleep on my laptop last night.
i didn't even know it -- til hubby woke me up-- nagging about it.
he has been using my laptop lately-- cuz his is broken. but i won't say why--
but i will say-- it was a lot worse than what i did to mine.
but he was kinda angry-- and said
"there's a cigarette in your laptop!"
"hmmm, wonder how that happened, there wasn't when i put it up" :))
i really had no recollection of falling asleep-droppin a cig-- nothin.
but there it was, and there's another nice little burn on my keyboard.
i really was exhausted last night-- early too-
but i wanted to catch up with
as many peeps as i could-- so, ya can't blame me for tryin.
anyhow-- he was pissed-- i was tired--
he got online--i went back to sleep-
and this morning no one has mentioned it.

i know he's not mad--so much about the laptop--
as he is-- what COULD happen if i don't cut the shit out
and stop smokin in bed after my sleep meds.
i really do know better.

sooo-- no more late night-- that's in old lady time btw--
like after 9 pm - ish
seems there's a lot more at stake than laptop strangulation at this point.
this last 6 months-- i can't tell you all what i've burnt by fallin asleep smokin.
it really is just stupid.
and i never remember it-- so then i feel even worse.
i've read the meds i take-- people do stuff in their sleep and don't remember--
but they drive--or eat-- or other weird stuff--
luckily i haven't sleep-drived yet.

but anyhow--
as for yesterdays plan to cut my errands short and take it easy?
didn't happen.
i still ended up on a constant run from like 8-2.
it sucked.
it went by fast-- but i was exhausted by the time i was done-
i'm ready for a day of doin nothin again.
but it will be a while for that to happen.

if you haven't seen the comments/replies in the below post-- it mentions alot-
about my thyroid stuff.
yesterday i got a call from the scanning place-- they had an opening so i took it.
i had the ultrasound on my thyroid.
of course i don't have any answers yet-
but they said the report would be faxed to my dr that day.
so i may hear something as early as today.
i hope so.
i hate to wait to find out what --if anything-- is wrong with my own body.
i know the techs can't tell you nuthin..i always ask anyhow-
this one was the rudest i've encountered in a while.
she wouldn't even tell me if there was more than one-- even tho , by the way she was placing the "wand"- i could almost tell she focussed on at least two or three areas.
but-- i guess you will know when i know.

so-- today is soulmans birthday-- and still, i am not prepared.
i hope i can pull this one off--
as he doesn't have to work today.

too bad guys can't be happy with just flowers and a card eh?
i wouldn't have to leave my chair :))


happy friday peoples!