Thursday, July 15, 2010

well i'll be . . .

this belongs with the facebook post
but explorer won't copy / paste
delightful. no?

it's a pain in my ass, but it looks like i can post. only thing is - i gotta do it on explorer. i hate explorer. WTF is up with my mozilla? i don't know either. but i can tell ya this much -- if YOU are havin the same issues? i solved the problem. switch to explorer - and the problem is solved. ugh. why can't anything be easy in my world? why is it always bullshit? even the little irritating things. things like this. a damn blog? no one else in the world would think this to even be an issue in their life. would they? would you? really. i'm askin. whoever's readin, i'm askin.

or how 'bout 'this' --- today i get a call. actually two calls. one is an easy fix. i hope. i am pretty sure i can get outta payin it , cuz i am all caught up and it's from this current year. so- no biggie. just irritating. a while later ? yup - another friggin DR's office (billing , of course) calls me. says i owe them .. OVER 300.00 !! i'm stunned. whaddabuncha crap! just before we left for TN some OTHER dr place called and i DID shell out over 300.00 -- i don't even remember who it was to or what it was for - not to mention the correct amount that i even paid !!! but i paid it. i do remember that it had somethin to do with one of these tests i'm doin/done. i really hope it's this place. i don't have another 300.00+ to shell out. shit. ugh. it HAS to be this place. right. can't be coincidence that i owed two out of three places the same or close to it amounts. could it?

bah !

ok. i'll move on. but i'm pissed off about that. i'm pissed off about a few things at the moment actually. BUT.. i reckon they aren't what i should be focusing on right now. right?

then you tell me. what should i be focusing on ? hmmm? well - there's always the massage place -- that 'crossed the line'. then AFTER i verbally, and in an email, cancelled my account - STILL took money from my checking account. wanna talk about that? the money cleared BTW. i've been hoping -- i guess that they would find their error and reverse the charges. but ya think that happened? noop. do ya think i have the teets to call and 'confront' them? i do not. i don't know which angle to start from. i don't know who to speak with. which tone to start with. i don't know shit. all i know is that i, personally, do not want to deal with this situation - AT ALL.

i also know - they owe me almost 200.00 in charges that they continued to take -= after i began asking them to 'freeze my account' .. prior to this 'incident'. BLEH

so anyhow --- looks like i got off at the wrong stop folks. someone peed in my wheaties. sorry 'bout that. mood swing attack... oops. i was actually in a decent mood when i began this post. then the phone thing --- the call i got right after i got on here just kinda set me off-- i don't know why- it's an ongoing thing. just another heap on the flames i reckon. i'll get over it.

anyways -- for anyone who doesn't use facebook.. or may have missed it? the last few days i've been usin facebook cuz i couldn't post here--- so first i will say - today i got the results of my thyroid ultrasound -- it was good. whatever that means. just that nothing has 'changed'. so ok.

other than that? i reckon -- here's the latest in the medical realm of soulland - might be other stuff - not sure- have a read -- but get a coffee and a couple cigs first :))



(insert soul-shirt pic here :))

blogger is bein a pain in my A** ! it will not let me post - or even load the post page. ERG. so. i will tell y'all here. in about 2 hours or so, i will be sittin in my neurologists ofice, listening to the details of the report of my recent brain MRI. i would be lying if i said i wasn't concerned. ok fine. worried, about what i may hear. if blogger is working when i get back, i will post the 'report'. among a few other things. the symptoms i have been having over the last month though-- are real reasons for concern. i really don't think it's something fatal. i do think it's something that will not 'heal' though. which i will admit , scares me.
if you have seen the movie 'The Notebook." you'll know why i say that. i'll be seein ya. oh - and this is for my long term blog friends -- especially JAMIE :)) do y'all remember the 'soul-shirt?' i deverginized it yesterday ! it don't look 'so' bad.


- what the freakin frackin froo is UP with blogger? is it only me? my computer? i'm pretty upset about it - whatever it is. i cannot go without blogger. i just can't. y'all know how MY mind works. maybe ya don't. i don't really know how it works either. what i do know - is that i must write. a lot. facebook doesn't have the ... space i need to babble the way i do. WTH? can y'all post on blogger today? it seems some have. i haven't been home long, so haven't had a chance to look around. but i think it's simply cuz i am ME. as usual. SO, anyhow. i'll TRY to keep it short . haha i know right. it's a task, but i will really TRY. the dr. seems to be optimistic to the fact that nothing too serious is goin on. he said the 'infarct', lesion, scar, whatever -- was caused -- most likely by the damn chronic migraines. over 20 years of them. he didn't explain 'how' , just his theory. so i'll take that over a stroke or anyeurism any day ! wouldn't you? i'm pretty sure that has a lot to do with my memory - or lack thereof - issues. best guess havin. didn't ask though. my research, and pretty much common sense tells me - dead tissue in a human brain would certainly cause some type of problem, dontchya think? and i do have many. mainly no memory, sayin the wrong word, mis spellin basic words, things like that. then we have the headache from hell.... i think that question was pretty much answered - and hopefully soon will be taken care of. on the c-spine (neck) MRI -- there were several new things found - that i haven't heard of - on me - to date. so it could very well be the root cause of the 6 week long headache and MORE. there is a bulging disc at c-3 and 4. AND c- 5 and 6 ! there are 'spurs' all over the damn place -- and stenosis everywhere. (narrowing.) NOW i don't feel like such a big baby. i feel pretty damn tough actually. most folks woulda laid down and died by now. not me... cuz i am soul. and i got soul. and i got y'all to keep me goin. i bet i woulda laid down and died , months ago if not for y'all. i hope you know that. not a single one of you have a hint of what you mean to me. i wish ya did. cuz you are all angels in my world. my guardian angels. you give me strength, you make me laugh, you give me a reason to find humor in my medical mystery of a pain ridden life. really. i have no reason to make this shit up. you are the wind beneath my wings :)) me and my sis have been sayin that to each other since the movie 'Beaches" came out. aside from me sayin it the other day -- i never said it to anyone else. but i'm sayin it now-- to all my peeps. you know who you are. and i love ya. thanks for watchin out for me guys. happy hectic humpday -- looks like you're stuck with me . for a while
anyhow. love , souliolio


ok guys -- i give up -- i'm gonna watch the final episode of 'saving grace on season 3.
then i shall stuff my face -- of with what? i have no idea.
then i think i'll call it ni-night time.
belly MRI is tomorrow - 8 a.m. sharp.
wanna make bets on the number of ulcers?
bleeding- or- not?
i'll throw a 20.00 in there - 3 bleeding ulcers is my bet.
here's a heads up-- last one said 'bleeding ulcers - no # and NEVER use aspirin for the rest of your LIFE!
hint- for the last six weeks i been eatin excedrine migraine like CANDY-
but until then -- stopped altogether.
you read here?
do the math :))

g'nite my friends

is there anybody out there?

holy crap - i think it's working !!! woo hoo !!

i'll be back later :((

i had to get on the desktop - then tried 'explorer' - deleted the damn chinese spam.. and voila !
here i am ! did ya miss me ?

i been updating on facebook - i will transfer that to here in a minute -- IF my laptop will work now (for blogger)

anyhow-- i must go, and pretend to be productive today.