Thursday, May 14, 2009

thunderstormin thursday

will i ever get to go fishin again??? this is gettin downright depressing! if it isn't windy, it rains. if it isn't one or the other of those, i have an appointment. this just isn't right. i carried my rods and tackle in my car for over a week , until like yesterday or the day before, i finallly took them out , and into the garage they went. only God knows when i will fish again. in fact i can hear the weather in the other room right now. all i hear is showers/ thunderstorms-- every damn day-- all the way through the weekend. the temps are hot as hell, and no it doesn't rain all day. sometimes the eves are actually kind of nice-- if it isn't windy. but even so-- if the nights are good enough to fish-- something else is goin on, or i'm just too exhausted to go. so anyhow-- enough of that, i spose. just had to get my non-fishin rant out of the way.

as for lunch yesterday-- that didn't work out too well either. on the there-- jlee got hung up in traffic and construction hell. so she was a few minutes late. then just after we got our coffee at starbucks-- which is usually where we get our catchin up done-- soulkid called me to tell me she was gettin out of school early--in like ten minutes. there i was like fourty minutes away. so i had to leave right away. we only got to spend like half an hour together and that was mostly eating. so that didn't work out too well. but there's always next time, and it was good to see her.
on our way out-- it looked like she got out of the construction mess alright-- but me on the other hand-- even with my GPS-- didn't realize i was supposed to go east to catch west-- thought i was goin the wrong way-- so ended up goin in circles for half an hour-- until i finally stopped disagreeing with the GPS , and went the way it said to :)). -- so i was late gettin my kid.. ugh. and of course she called me three times on the way-- while i was already frustrated.. where are youuuuu??? ugh. kids.

it was a pretty uneventful evening at home, just dinner, cooked by hubby, and american idol. which i was pissed at. i can't believe adam pukeburt got to the finals. he is sickening to me. but obviously others like him. i like danny boy better tho. my fave all the way thru has been -- would you believe i can't think of his name-- of course you would-- but the other guy who got thru-- i really hope he wins it-- i really like him. and the judges have given him a hard time.. as they tried to push adam lambert thru. i really don't know why. a "rock god??" oh lawd. he makes me wanna puke. but anyhow. it's almost over-- and the album sales will show the better singers. and even tho dany got pushed out-- he may just do better than any of the three. he was really good.

ummm... i can't think of anything else cuz i'm gettin pressed for time-- almost time to take soulkid to school.
no big plans today--i don't think. just housework and bills etc. gotta rob peter to pay paul, that kinda thing. and prolly get some food in this place...before the rest of the clan decide to turn to canabilism and eat me.

happy thursday peepps--