Tuesday, June 16, 2009

did somebody say schleprock?

so--- soul takes angie fishing. angie gets her line hung up-- for , oh, maybe the third time. so i go over to get it out. i was feelin pretty confident-- i'd gotten her un-snagged a couple times already by then. but whaddaya think happens? i don't know how -- or why.. but -- well... a picture is worth 1000 words right? so have a look---
THIS -- happened --

i don't really know how or why--
the slope is not wet -
it's not even sloped for that matter -
i was just pullin on her line and trying to get her out of the snag-
and oops!
into the pond i went.

that was definitely a kodak moment. so what does angie do? she leaves me faltering in the pond as i try to get my uncooridated self up- and out, and the now floating away rod as well. while she goes to get the camera ! neither of us could help but to laugh.
we laughed a lot over this. we laughed throughout the time it took me to unsnag the line and get out of the pond. we laughed throughout the day as we would think about it. we laughed as we told soulman about it. it was just funny. especially when she asked if i had my phone on my while i was in the water. i was like---oh crap! i began pulling things out of my pockets and tossing them onto the bank... my ruined phone-- my soaked wallet-- which held a perscription--oops-- my cigs and soaked , non working lighter. did i get mad, or bitch? nah. too funny. there was only a guy and his young daughter there feeding ducks-- and an old man walking around. not sure if anyone saw this. but yep-- it was a moment. a day long moment.
hey-- i never once said i was graceful.

after that little incident-- i obviously had to go home and shower. the water was most not smell good. and a little cold too. not to mention my entire backside being mossy/muddy. so she drove while i sat on a floor mat on my seat.
we got home, i got cleaned up-- and we decided to go to the creek and check out the fishin there. we only made a drive by-- it didn't look too good after so much rain lately. so we kept goin and went on to the other pond that i normally fish at. we each got a few bites.. but no fishies. (oh i did get a small one before i fell in at the other place-- just not worth a pic.) -- at this pond, they were biting, we just couldn't get em. so i knew they would go after somethin..i just didn't what somethin it would be. i finally tried a drop shot-- and i got me one. not great , but a fish. i felt bad for angie-- she didn't get one. she did almost get a turtle tho. that was funny-- she was scared and excited at the same time. i wonder what she woulda done had she caught a turtle. i woulda laughed, cuz i think she woulda freaked.

by then soulman called, and we had to go, we had some house-hunting appointmentments set up. good thing angie likes looking at houses. we went and looked at maybe 5 houses. there were like three that all of us liked--and angie approved of :))
but we aren't sure. the one that i really really really want. got three friggin offers over the weekend. ugh. so i have a feelin that one is out. i was a bit crushed about that.
then there was another one-- all of us --plus angie-- said yes to. it's still a possibility.
then the third that we liked ... i am the least to jump on. really there's nothing wrong with it. it's a nice house. it's just that-- most of the house is upstairs. downstairs is nice. but some of upstairs i like too. soooo... i don't know. hubby and soulkid, seem pretty dead set on this one. big yard.. the upstairs really is fantastic. but-- i can't do stairs well. or often. and also the fact that it being a newer house in an older neighborhood- just seems strange. i don't know if that's good or bad. but i'm not sure that i like that.
guess we will see what happens.
i do like the idea of having angies outside opinion on the house thing though. she has come up with some good suggestions on the whole thing while we were looking.
many that i don't think we woulda thought of. plus she is really good with soulkid. messin around with her or not-- she gets her to look at things in a way that we sometimes seem unable to.

i'm so not recovering well from all the work we've done. yes i know-- it was just the garage-- but i swear it has damn near killed me. without angies help i bet i would be bedridden. besides the garage work-- which did i mention was complete in just under 5 hours? it woulda took me a week. even with soulman.. no less than a week.
but i also , falling into the pond , must've fell on a rock, and now my arm and elbow are hurt. ugh. not to mention the rest of me.. even my damn legs, and ankles and feet. i'm too young for this shit.

well anyhow-- not sure what our plans are for her short last day today. her flight leaves at 330-- i spose she has to be at the airport around 230 or so. i imagine we will chill, and just hang out a bit. but ya just never know.

i do hope she can go home and tell people she had a good time. cuz i sure did. even tho i am crippled, and just may be for some time. it's been great havin her here.

eevee hasn't even tried to kill her... that's a good sign .

so. i reckon that's about all i got right now. soulman is takin the kid to school, angie is asleep still-- far as i know-- and if i had my druthers-- i'd be headin back to bed about now myself. i can't tho-- but i bet that's where i'll be at about 4 o'clock today.

c ya later peoples.