Thursday, April 26, 2007

pics, fish, gettin away, and stuff

ola peep - les


i have freakin shin splints from my stupid running in the storm at school the other day ! i cannot believe how out of shape i am ! shin splints. and they HURT ! worse yesterday, but still pretty bad today too. sucks man!

i noticed something ... i did get some comments on my last post, and i appreciate that. i really hate to spend time posting on this thing, and most of the time, have nobody say a thing about it. but... what i noticed... y'all really don't have to be so darn polite. my daughter didn't want to answer "the question" , and my husband sort of went around it, by saying only... "that's why i try to get you to go out with me, even if you don't have a fishing license right now, you can get some sun." kind, and he does mean well. however , although my child was extremely hesitant, i told her that i see it, and i wouldn't be offended... she finally said that under my eyes, in the indoor picture looked "different".
so... y'all don't have to avoid that question. i already know that i look like death indoors, and outdoors there are signs of life. i am just curious as to why the difference is so noticeable. because really, it is damn strange. i even look heavier outside. how can i "shrink" by just going in the house?

ok... moving on....
here are some more...strange pix.
the first two in the first one, are me and my husband around the same age, and the third in that one is our daughter, also about the same age. my sister said , many years ago, that my husband and i looked like brother and sister ! how funny. but it is kinda odd, we sorta DO! and there is NO denying that that child is OURS. she looks like each of us. people who know me better say she looks like me, people that know hubby better say she looks like him. honestly parts of her, look like each of us.
anyhow..judge for yourselves:

okay... below is another set of similar pix of us. the ones of hubby and i were taken overseas where we met... a little over 16 years ago. and our girl was about 7. (ish)

okay.... wanna see my "big fish" pic? this is probably, no it IS the biggest bass i have ever caught. i didn't weigh him, so i don't really know. maybe 5 Lbs or so. give or take. i'd say give, at least a little. i named him "uncle George", and yes...i threw him back! he was caught in Kansas, several years ago.

how bout that for a beauty fish?

speaking of fishing... we are going to our time share this weekend! my get away .. finally. will be GONE friday afternoon til monday afternoon ! woo hoo. and i get to fish ! no phones, no computers, no dogs, or cats either, no nuthin. just US. and guess what else... it's my birthday. (well, sunday is. ) but... i don't think that's a good thing anymore. i'm getting too old to look forward to birthdays. number 41 ! ACK . oh well. shit happens. just wish me fish ! and lots of em !