Friday, August 22, 2008

i just can't get it together-

but have i ever?

what a mess i have got myself into around here.
seems all i do lately is make lists, only to watch them grow--and grow some more.
but , today is the day, that i must actually take some action.
i have been supposed to pay bills for the passed three days-- have i ? ummmmm no.
that doesn't matter much-- seein as today is payday. i did wanna have crap ready to mail though-- and i don't.
i also wanted to kow if an, how much money i would have available--if any-- to set aside- for the vegas trip--- do i even have the budget written out yet? umm.. no.
chores? what's that? i did manage to get a pot roast cooked in the crock-pot yesterday-- only to end up eating at sonic. :P
and i did manage to wash my dishes-- except for the ones that make the kitchen look like a bomb went off-- yes-- the big crap-- pots, pans, tea pitchers, etc. the crap i have to wash by hand. i need to do that today.
did i fix my credit card mess yet? uhhhh... not only no, but hell no. and why not? cuz i just can't face crap like that. i reckon that's the best excuse i can come up with. but i really need to do that today. that's almost 40.00 i could put towards my trip--- if it's not too late to get reversed-- which is most likely the answer i will get at this point--- umm, you dumb lady- why didn't you come in last month to fix this-- now you're just screwed. lovely.

see , the crap just piles up on me-- and why? i seem to be busy all the time-- but i must just fluter around from thing to thing-- cuz everything is either only partially done-- or never started. wth?

i have been so tired lately tho- it's just not funny. like now- it's not even 9:30 in the morning- and i'm ready to go back to bed-- and i just might do that. i was tired the entire day yesterday but never did get a chance for my desperately needed nap. it was just one thing after another. and not much of it was any good. just stuff that would piss me off. but i handled it ok. better than i've handled much else lately. so that's a plus i spose.

oh-- ya wanna know what's pissin me off lately? i'll tell ya anyhow--
we moved into this house last december-- almost a year ago-- and we are STILL gettin mail for the owners of this place who lived here before us! even though TWO months ago i sent them three change of address cards-- along with their mail that time--- less mail comes for them.. but it still comes. and me being the type of person i am.. i still pay 5 bucks a month to mail it back to them.
BUT-- as if that isn't irritating enough--- for some damn reason-- i am now-- for the passed two or three months--- also getting someone elses mail-- at my damn PO BOX!!! WTF???
at first that was just junk mail-- that i could toss in the trash... flyers and crap-- until a month or so ago-- NOW-- i get crap from bankruptcy lawyers to these people ! and "ME being the type of person i am"...... i had to track them down by calling information-- and begin to forward THEIR mail TOO. OMG.
you think that's bad?
how bout THIS one-- somehow--- i am now also getting mail for my friggin BROTHER IN LAW !!!
talk about soul goin postal--- this is a little too literal. :))
do people NOT know how to fill out COA cards??? WHY do they send their mail to ME??
and not only my home... but my PO BOX TOO???
how does shit like this become MY responsibility????
and WHY does it have to be illegal if i decide to get pissed and just throw the shit in the trash??? i can't just do that. so wtf DO i do???
don't i have enough crap of my own to neglect??? now i have a stack of mail that isn't even mine to sort thru and deal with.
and people wonder why i fall behind, or get complacent. hmmmm. well there's part of it. even people i don't know take advantage of me. i send em their damn lawyer mail one time, and now i become their free postal service????

hmmm... sorry for the rant-- lost my head for a minute-- but anyhow-- what would YOU do in that situation??? besides "go postal".

ok-- inhale---- exhale---- that's mo bettah----
where was i?

ahhh yes.. i was "supposed" to be payin bills. but the urge to talk to y'all overwhelmed me. :))

anyhow---- you're sick of hearin this... but school starts on MONDAY!!!!! and that makes me rather happy. that's actually something i hadn't totally prepared for. i keep saying how anxious i am for the soulkid to be back in school--- and especially this year to be riding the bus--- :)) -- hahahaha-- yes-- miss i'm so mature, i know everything-- i can do it myself-- bwa hahahhaha--- well, ok "miss all grown up"--- there's the the bus stop--- have at it !!! (up till last year---and only cuz we moved right across the street from school-- i drove her all her life).
she's gonna realize just how good she HAD it. the bus stop is like half a mile away . LOL. ROFLMAO !
i knew she'd appreciate me one day. of course, she'll hate me first--- but that's ok.

oh-- sorry-- wrong turn... what i was gonna say-----
i had been readying myself for the kids new schedule-- but hadn't really thought much about my own. i thought -- woo hoo-- my own schedule--- my own "routine".. i'll have my own LIFE back!
then i thought--- well hell..... what does THAT mean?????
i don't have a LIFE. haha.
so? WHAT does it mean folks? WTH am i gonna do with myself? guess i better get started on "a list". LOL

ok.. i reckon i better get back to my bills and stuff.

tomorrow is the benefit/memorial fishing tournament for soulmans friend. apparently the participation isn't lookin very good at this point. maybe 15 boats-- at 150 a boat. a lot more were expected. even his wife entered. i didn't know she even fished. apparently they fished a lot together. that kinda makes me sad. it makes me think of me fishing under these circumstances "without" soulman. ya know. it would be so weird. i never met her, but i will see her out there since she is fishin the same lake we are (there are four participating lakes)-- and i just wonder how she will be feeling. i'm sure it will be her first time out since he died. and on his boat-- etc. i don't know-- i'm just rambling, but it all just seems -- maybe a little too close to home maybe.
i've always thought to myself, "if somethin happened to soulman i'd sell the boat--or give it to his brother or one of my nephews".
so to see her fishing-- in his honor-- on it--
oh just slap me and shut me up---

i'll see you peeps latah--
i got stuff to be doin---
happy weekends to all of you-


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