Friday, January 29, 2010

step away from the fish !

mornin peeps---

yeh, well, that title could mean anything under the sun when it comes to me , huh?
well, let me enlighten you. you already know (maybe) that i met my friend for lunch yesterday, and she gave me the portrait she had made of my son. if you didn't know, you know now.
we met at a place that 99% of the time we go to. mainly cuz of my senility i think-- and it's familiar, and pretty much a half way point for us to meet, between our homes.
so. the weather was crap, and visibility near zero on the freeways, due to rain, and good lawd, the traffic was pure hell. i'm surprised i made it without takin a xanax, or ragin on someone. every-thing, was pissin me off. traffic was bumper to bumper and i was late--- which i felt better about when she texted and told me that she was late too.
i told ya-- no one can drive here-- cept us :))
anyhow--- rewinding--- or 'something' -- there we are at the restaurant (thank God for spellcheck-- to this day i can't spell that word!)-- so we talk a while , then order-- finally. jlee gets a nice, healthy- yummy- lookin lunch-- sandwich and a salad. WHAT do I choose? yep-- catfish. fried, catfish. i had a bad feelin from the start-- cuz the last time we ate there i got fish-- but it was cod-- usually it was good-- but that time-- somethin was just 'off'. but-- i wanted fish-- i thought-- maybe not cod-- but catfish would be alright.
ummmm..... NO. it was ok. THERE. how do ya think it is NOW???
uhhh. yeh. it was really a bad choice off their extensive menu for me to choose catfish. because i am quite - well- ill, this morning. never again. NO fish for me at that place. i think maybe they switched whoever they buy their fish from. cuz it is just some baaaaad fish.

but what do i do about it now? it's paid for. it's 'gone', not much i can do- is there?
i actually brought leftovers home-- but thank God i had the sense to toss those. they sat at the table for an hour while we chatted after we ate-- then another hour and a half in the car. by the time i got home-- there was NO way i was even gonna consider eatin that after all that time sittin out. bleh. obviously- that was a good decision.
so-- yeh, i do believe i have a bit of food poisoning this morning.
what a way to start a day :))
it's cuz i am me -- you know that right? ok.
i know-- and i apologize-- food poisoning- is never a good visual is it? sorry.

so. let's move on shall we?

i'm gonna show ya the portrait J did for me. i am IN LOVE with it !!!! absolutely, positively IN LOVE. i didn't even make it all the way home with it before i had to stop at a framing shop with it. i just have 'that kind of ' luck that if i did take it home-- something awful would happen to it. a dog would pee on it-- coffee would spill on it. only God knows what kind of schleprock thing might happen.

so, there was a lull in the rain by the time i got to a place kind of close to home- so i went in with it. totally blind, mind you. i have NO clue how to choose frames, and mats, and do things like that. i go in , i chat with the 'frame girl'.. tell her of my lack of creativity--- and leave it up to her. she starts mixin and matchin.... and i can only 'trust her' . cuz there i am.. totally lost-- and scared to death 'something' is gonna happen to this picture. i just want it set up-- and put away safe til i can pick it up.
finally i 'think' i'm satisfied with what she chooses-- and she explains to me 'why' she chose the colors and style etc... made sense to me-- so i go with it-- and i'm on my way.

did i mention-- i have never had anything framed in this manner before? well -- lawdy-- the sticker shock is somethin to talk about-- but i won't mention that. cuz i sooooo love it-- and it is sooo worth it to protect it. it's gonna be amazing hangin on my wall. umm, no. i don't know which wall yet-- but prolly in or near my office. i'm thinkin.
oh, and when i came out of the store? the sky had opened up again, and it was like walking through a dang shower -- or maybe some kinda 'thing' at a water park.. goin to the car. that was the only thing that made having to wait til 2/10 to get the pic back worthwhile. i woulda had a panic attack had i had to take it back out into that rain. it woulda been destroyed. so-- now i just wait-- and i am on pins and needles. i want it in my house --- on my wall-- right now! i have no patience when it comes to things like this. :((

anyhow-- not much else happenin here--- cept-- i've slept two good nights in a row-- without raisin the pain meds-- so this is good. the worst is over. it is so strange to me how a body can be 'addicted' , and the mind not even know it. it kinda sucks even. four days of hell, and i didn't even enjoy the ride. just my luck.

anyhow-- time to go to school--- in the coooold and rain. wonderful weekend ahead looks like. bleh, yes i'm being sarcastic. i'm sure ii'll be the shut-in that we all know i am for the next couple days. i need to move to puerto rico or somethin after soulkid -- hm that just slipped out... gets her life in order in school or marriage.
haha that made me laugh-- y'all know we're joined at the hip! i'll be goin nowhere further than i can drive from her. we all know that's not far at all.

anyhow-- have happy days in your worlds today peoples

I'll hopefully be scratchin things off my to-do list.
ha- yeh-- i know- i'll get back to you on that. :))