Thursday, June 5, 2008

i have a rant today -- care to listen?

hi peeps---

sorry about not posting yesterday. i was a bit hungover from a rough night sleep after a muscle relaxer from hell-- again. i went to bed real late, and ended up waking up every half hour it seems, and still woke up around 4. ish. it sucked. as some of you know. so it ended up with me getting up, doing a few things that needed done, and falling back to sleep from like 9- almost noon . ugh. that kinda ruined my day, leaving me lazy, and in my jammies the rest of the entire day.
i did manage to clean my kitchen and wash my dishes-- and motivate the child to do her chores, but that was about it. i barely even touched my computer. i was a true slug.

today i must register soulkid for summer school, and run my errands, and a bunch of other stuff i've been puttin off. which , as long as i manage to make myself presentable, and motivated, shouldn't be a problem. i'm sure fishing won't interfere-- seein as the wind is blowin about 50 miles an hour right now-- same as yesterday. no idea what that's about. i really hate the wind. seems it's been windy for months. with little breaks here. now they're talkin rain.. i just didn't hear when. all i gotta say about that, is if it rains, i hope it's a good one, cuz i have also been puttin off washin my car.. for weeks. maybe it's the cheap ass generic coffee i been drinkin this last few weeks? since it went back up to nine bucks a can-- i went back to the 6 dollar shit. i think that's just the crap they sweep off the floor--- and it shows. maybe it's time for an experiment. or NO-DOZE. hmmm.

ok, back to my rant. see what i mean about havin ADD? or senile?. i can't stay focussed for nuthin. maybe that's why i never accomplish anything too. ritalin.. take me awaaaay. :))


here we go-- this isn't the first time something like this has happened. but it has happened with positive results .. but more often than not-- it turns out like this:

i was skimmin through yesterday. i'm sort of window shoppin for a kitchen island, or something similar to use in my kitchen.. for extra counter space/storage in my kitchen. and also i decided to check out the wanted section .. cuz i have a bunch of stuff that i really need to get rid of-- that i do plan on selling at a yard sale-- but i cannot seem to bring myself to get to sorting that stuff-- every time i think i'm getting to the point of having time or energy to do that-- something else comes up. so i go to the want ads to see if anyone needs any of the bigger stuff that i have that is taking up most of my space in my garage etc.
well... i come across an ad... it's a single dad, he
"just moved here with his son; they have no furniture, beds, dishes, nothin. anything free or cheap would be appreciated. "
well, woo hoo, for me.. i could get rid of this stuff, not have to store it anymore, worry about selling it, hauling it off, or even sellin it --- plus i could help someone. right?
so , i email the guy. i tell him, i have a NEW hide a bed couch, a recliner, and a twin bed. (none is in perfect condition... but hell it's free. right?) the couch is brand new , never sat on or slept on.. brand NEW-- it has back cushions built in, just no seat cushions--- if nothin else it's a BED-- and if ya wanted you could use just about anything temporarily for the seat cushions-- if you had half a brain... it beats sittin -- or sleepin on the floor ! and it's a clean new matress. where are ya gonna get that fro free??? -- the recliner? also a good sturdy chair-- only thing wrong with it-- the cats scracthed it-- not through the material.. but it kinda scraggely. who cares-- it's a friggin recliner-- no stains, and its sturdy.. for free? beats the floor, i say. and a twin bed with a wood frame. nothin at all wrong with that.
did he write back? noop.

well ya know what? i just don't know what people expect these days. i really don't. i have been without a stitch of furniture before, and i woulda taken anything. i lived in a house in oregon by myself-- i had a maybe ten inch tv.. that was IT. no bed, no chair, no couch, nothin. i hated it. i did have a built in little breakfast table thing, and that was all i had to sit on. i slept on the floor, i watched tv on the floor. and it was friggin cold. i couldn't imagine thinkin i was above anything at that time. i woulda taken anything anyone offered me. the only thing anyone offered was my mom, when she came and offered to take me away from there... and the only reason i went was cuz i couldnt stand sleepin on the floor anymore. well, and workin outside stacking lumber all day in the cold. life didnt get much better, but i got a bed-- a roll away bed, in colorado-- that was much like a hot dog bun when i laid in it LOL.
hell... for a while when i was a teenager-- i slept on a baby crib mattress ! in a motel room !
and yep , there were many times we lived places that we didn't have enough chairs for everyone to have a seat-- would a free recliner with some cat scratches bother us? hell no-- bring it on.
a free twin bed? beats the hell out of a crib mattress on the floor!

but anyhow--- what i'm gettin at is this--- have any of you ever literally been without anything. a truly empty house-- and turned your nose up at something that would help you? especially if you asked for it???? what do people expect? designer furniture to be given to them? it just urks me to no end.
we have even offered stuff to people , decent stuff, then they come to look at it, and turn their nose up at it. wth??

it makes me wonder if it's a scam. ya know. just a ploy to get stuff to maybe resell or somethin. maybe they don't really need anything, they just want "donations" for a yard sale or somethin.
kinda like when ya give someone with a beggin sign on the street food instead of cash, and they say they don't want it-- you have to wonder-- if they really are homeless or hungry-- or is it a scam.. do they have a Cadillac parked around the corner.

i guess i'll stick to donating to goodwill.. or havin yardsales... or simply just makin dump runs. and that's sad. cuz i'm sure there are people out there who would appreciate things-- i just suppose those people don't have computers and internet to beg with.


happy thursday