Thursday, May 7, 2009

i know, i'm a blog failure

i've had a migraine all day. tried to sleep it off after some a.m junk. didn't work.
picked up soulkid after school-- and went to wally hell... it couldn't be put off any longer. i should've taken her home first--- ugh. her presence cost me an extra 35 dollars, not to mention making my head hurt even worse.
luckily when we got home she helped unload the car. and once i got the crap put up, i found that i had one more imitrex shot for my headache. i was thrilled. i sat down, took the shot, and didn't move for the next 3 hours. now here i am.

wish i had more to offer ya-- but i don't.
that's my day.

hope yours was better.
maybe tomorrow i'll have more to say
laterz peeps